Event 2: Fletcher South

Opens: 12noon, Wednesday 10th June 2020

Parking Reccommnedation: Park in Redwood Cl or Cypress Cl

Start Assembly Area: The park accessed from either Oak Cl or Cypress Cl


Start/Finish Location: The big light pole in the middle of the park



The Map and Control Descriptions:

Course Setter’s Notes: The eastern side of the Nikkinba Ridge map hasn’t been used much in our recent runs on this map. I now know why … this side of the map is hilly!!! Every direction out of the start/finish location is up. Sorry about that. But it does mean that you will finish downhill though.

For those of you who make it over to the west side of the map, please be aware that an entire new housing estate has opened up. Since you shouldn’t need to go in there it hasn’t been shown on the map.

Click here for the map and Control Descriptions.