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 Date  Event  Location  Results                    
 19/07/2020  NOY1  Pelton  Eventor  LiveLox  
 02/08/2020  NOY2  Wallaroo  Eventor   Winsplits
 16/08/2020  NOY3  Fairly/O'Donnelltown      
 30/08/2020  NOY4  Tomalpin      
 13-09-2020  NOY5  Pothana      
 13/09/2020  NOY5 alternate  Green Wattle Creek      

 Progressive Results will be published progressively.


Starts from 9:30am to 11:30am. (Course closure 1PM)

Pre-entries -


There are a few extra Notes at the bottom of this page (updated 5:45pm 30 July 2020).

Map: Rolling Stones, (part of Wallaroo State Forest).

Planning/vetting team: Denis Lyons & Stuart Kurtz.

Control Desciptions are printed on each map.  However, if you would like separate descriptions - print them here - WORDS OR SYMBOLS and bring them with you on the day.

Directions: Head north from Hexham on the highway. Approximately 13.5kms after the Raymond Terrace roundabout turn LEFT onto Italia Rd. (Just after the speed limit changes from 110km/h to 100km/h.)

Follow Italia Rd. for 3km and turn LEFT into Hunter Water’s Balickera Park.

Park inside the park, mainly on the right hand side of the road. Do not block access to a gate. There is a toilet at the Park. (Hopefully it will be open.) 

Special Instructions: The courses will take place on the northern side of Italia Rd. TAKE CARE when crossing the road, and follow streamers for 200m to the start/ finish area.

NB. After you start (at start unit) FOLLOW STREAMERS FOR 60m to the position of the START TRIANGLE.

Assembly area

COURSES: All courses will be of NOY standard. (Visit controls in numerical order.)

 Course  Length  Details
 Very Easy  1.6kms  Follows tracks and streamer trails.
 Easy  1.9kms  Follow tracks, streamer trails and watercourses
 Controls are not far from tracks, BUT you need
 to know where you are along the track
 before looking to the side.
 Moderate Short  2.1kms  Cross-country navigation to large features.
 Moderate Long  2.6kms  Cross-country navigation to large features.
 Hard Short  3.5kms  Some difficult navigation.
 Hard Medium  5.5kms  Some difficult navigation.
 Hard Long  7.5kms  Some difficult navigation.

No String Course (due to Covid19 recommendations). Sorry kids. :(

Control Desciptions are printed on each map.  However, if you would like separate descriptions - print them here - WORDS OR SYMBOLS and bring them with you on the day.

(1) The area is undulating to hilly. Most of the area is very runnable, however, large areas of water drainage are slow.
The dryness of last summer has caused some smaller trees to die and fall over, causing a “mat” of small trunks.
These areas may look clear from a distance but have been mapped as “slow” or “slow stripe”.

(2) The area is frequented by trail bikes and 4WD’s. If you hear them coming – move out of their way.

(3) SPIKEY vegetation exists to some extent over the area.

(4) Only termite mounds are shown. No tree-root mounds or meat-ant nests. No native cherry trees.
     Some large or significant fallen tree canopies have been shown as a thicket of dark green.

(5) At least five helpers are needed to collect Controls at each event. Due to wet tracks - mountain bike or 4WD vehicles would be useful.
Let someone know at the Finish if you can help collect Controls.

(6) Hard Long & Hard Medium change - new track in North West section of the map. Approximate position will be hand drawn on those course maps.

Here is the proposed Bush Calendar for 2020.

Date Event Location Setter Vetter Controller Organiser
19/07/2020 NOY 1 Pelton Ian Dempsey Clare Williams
2/08/2020 NOY 2 Wallaroo Denis Lyons Stuart Kurtz
16/08/2020 NOY 3 Fairley/O'Donnelltown Malcolm Roberts Carolyn Matthews
30/08/2020 NOY 4 Tomalpin Denis Lyons Justin Stafford
13/09/2020 NOY 5 Pothana Glenn Burgess Toy Martin
13/09/2020 NOY 5 alternate Green Wattle Creek David Kitchener ??
18/09/2020 Aus MTBO Mass Barnsley Malcolm Roberts Carolyn Matthews Andrew Power Greg Bacon
19/09/2020 Aus MTBO Sprint Stanford Merthyr Andrew Haigh Nicole Haigh Andrew Power Greg Bacon
19/09/2020 Aus MTBO Middle Hebburn Dam Hamish Mackie Michael Roylance/Andrew Power Greg Bacon
20/09/2020 Aus MTBO Long Neath Greg Bacon Tim Hackney Shane Jenkins/Andrew Power Greg Bacon
10/10/2020 State League Middle Redgum Ridges Jim Lee Ian Dempsey Geoff Peel?
11/10/2020 State League Long Barraba Lane Shane Trotter Rob Vincent Andrew Power?

Newcastle Orienteering Club

NOY1 Pelton - 19 JULY 2020

Orienteering events in NSW are being conducted under the Orienteering NSW COVID-19 Safety Plan (current version 1st July 2020). All organisers and competitors must comply with the ONSW COVID-19 Safety Plan.

This plan is to address specific issues and details in relation to Newcastle Orienteering Club’s NOY1 event to be held at Pelton on 19th July 2020.


Course setter – Ian Dempsey

Course vetter – Clare Williams

Public Officer – David Kitchener

Organisers – Geoff Peel and Andrew Power

Entry and Results – Jeff Guy and Joy Guy

New competitors – Joy Guy, Carolyn Rigby and Geoff Todkill

COVID-19 Distancing Management – Joy Guy, Carolyn Rigby, Geoff Peel and Andrew Power

Starter – Denis Lyons, Ian Dempsey and Malcolm Roberts


Course setter and vetter will determine location of start, map boxes, start units, start chute, etc.

Public officer will approve COVID-19 Plan and monitor compliance.

Organisers will set up assembly area, start, finish and download in accordance with social distancing rules and in consultation with the course setter/vetter. Will erect appropriate signs and set up hand cleaning stations.

Entry and results will advise all competitors who have not entered prior to the event how to enter on line and of online payment options. Will issue and collect hire SI sticks without contact. Will also manage the download of results.

New competitors will be greeted and stepped through the fundamentals of orienteering and the event. This needs to be done by remaining 1.5m from the competitor(s).

COVID-19 social distancing and monitoring will be monitored and if necessary competitors will be requested to separate, asked to spread out in the assembly area, leave the assembly area if they are finished their course, etc.

Starters will monitor social distancing in the start queue and ensure starters register before departing on their course.

All roles can engage the assistance of other club members as necessary to ensure compliance with COVID-19 requirements.


All entries will be via Eventor and all payment via electronic means.

  • Entry can be via Eventor at any time up to the time of last start.
  • Andrew Power will set up the event in Eventor to allow pre-entry and payment.
  • Jeff Guy will coordinate and advise regarding on line entry at the event.
  • Andrew Power will print the entry list prior to attending the event.

Contact Information

All organisers, competitors and spectators must provide contact information for later tracing if required. If you enter via Eventor please check that your information is up to date. If you are at the event without entering via Eventor please report to Entry and Results and provide your information.

  • Andrew Power will print the entry list at 7am on the morning of the event.
  • Geoff Peel will create a sheet to register details of people who attend but do not compete.
  • Jeff Guy will record attendee details on the sheet if required.


All starters will be required to register their SI stick in a separate unit at the start.

  • Malcolm Roberts will establish a system to record starters


No results board will be available to reduce the opportunity for competitors to congregate.

Finishers will be given a printout of their individual splits.

  • Jeff Guy will provide regularly updated LIVE Results -

Hire SI Sticks

Competitors who require a hire SI stick will collect it from Joy Guy..

Competitors will return SI stick by dropping them into a container.

  • Joy and Jeff will arrange for the hire SI sticks to be cleaned after the event.


No key box will be provided. A key board will be available and can individually store approximately 30 sets of keys. Other keys should be left in a bag in the assembly area.

Assembly Area

Competitors are to spend the minimum amount of time possible in the assembly area. They should arrive in time to prepare themselves and then start. Following completion of their course they should leave the assembly area as soon as possible.

We always welcome people to assist in the collection of controls and pack up. If you are able to assist please either plan to complete you course close to course closure time or return to the assembly area at course closure time.


No water will be provided in the assembly area or on any courses. Competitors should bring their own water to the event and if they expect to require water while on the course will need to carry it with them.

The ONSW COVID-19 Safety Plan - Please Read

ONSW COVID-19 Safety Plan

Bush Event Entry Fees:

    Adults   Juniors   Family
  Members   $12   $9   $30
  Non Members   $15   $10  

1st timers $12 (includes SI stick hire)

Second map $5

SportIdent stick hire $2

Sunday 19 July, 2020 -  NOY1 PELTON


 If you are new to orienteering - please click here to Register so you can pre-enter for the Events.
 We can also take your details and enter you on the day.  See us at the Registration Table.   :)

Fom Cessnock, drive south-west on Wollombi Rd through Bellbird Heights and Skinners Hill. Turn south onto Ellalong Road at Pelton and travel about 500m to parking under the powerline on the east side of the road.
From Ellalong, travel north on Ellalong Road for about 3.5km and park under the powerline on the east side of the road.

Map: Pelton North 1:10,000 scale and 5 metre contours, March 2020. Original fieldwork and cartography by Denis Lyons. Lidar basemap extension: Malcolm Roberts. Full area fieldchecked and extended by Ian Dempsey.

Special map features: Black crosses show car wrecks. Black circles indicate wreckage and rubbish. Brown triangles show termite mounds.

A legend does not appear on this version of the map: copies of the legend will be on display at the event. Control descriptions will be printed on the map.

Control Descriptions are printed on the maps.  If you would like a copy to put in your Control Desciption holder - print your copy before the Event and bring it with you.
Download and print Word Control Descriptions - click hereSymbol Control Descriptions - click here.

Terrain: Mostly undulating forest with occasional patches of slow run and walk, but with an extensive track network. There are three terrain types. First, spur/gully terrain characteristic of Werakata State Conservation Area, with minor rock detail. Second, highly detailed abandoned mining land with embankments, mounds, pits, ditches, ruins and variable, but passable vegetation. Finally, slow run along the main creek with some contour and side watercourse detail.

Consider using body cover to protect from sporadic patches of spiky vegetation.

Planner: Ian Dempsey

Vetter: Clare Williams


  • In line with ONSW requirements in the management of COVID-19, there will be no drinks provided on courses and at the arena area.
    Please bring your own water supply and we strongly recommend you carry water on the longer courses to prevent dehydration.
  • You'll need to punch a special control before the Start to indicate that you have particpated in the Event.
  • The map extension includes three deep, steep-sided and potentially dangerous subsidence pits.
    These sites are marked in the field with red/white hazard tape, and on the map with the black V hazardous pit symbol. Please take care.
  • Safety bearing is west to Wollombi and Ellalong Roads.
  • Please punch each control then move away from the control to maintain social distancing.
  • If you have issues punching a Control - let the person at the Finish Desk know about it after you have completed the Course.
  • Move off the track if you encounter trail bikes.
  • Event telephone on the day 0490 686 207



Length (Km)

Climb (m)

Map change

Hard Long




Hard Medium




Hard Short




Moderate Long




Moderate Short








Very Easy




Start: The start is an easy 60m walk from the assembly area.

No String Course (due to Covid19 recommendations). Sorry kids. :(

Start times and course closure: You can start between 9.30 and 11.30am. Courses close at 1pm – please ensure you return to the assembly area by 1pm to prevent disqualification and to avoid us organising a search party for you.