Newcastle Orienteer of the Year (NOY)

2014 Series Results Overall

As results are now being processed by Sport Ident results as now stored in eventor the state orienteering event manager.

All course can score a maximum of 500 points. Points earned are not transferrable between courses

Event Course Points = Maximum Points (for Course) - Point for every minute (or part thereof) behind 1st Place

1 Point is Minimum for completing course


Results as end of NOY 7

Series Total so far...

NOY Series Results Summary

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NOY 1 - Sun 30th March

Map : Fairley Dams

Setter : Justin Stafford

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NOY 2 - Sun 13th April

Map : Hamburgers Trail
Setter : Denis Lyons
Results No splits available Photos routegadget

NOY 3 - Sun 25th May 

Map : John Ellem Creek

Setter : Ian Dempsey

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 NOY 4 - Sun 22nd June

Map : Blue Gum Hills
Setter : Angus Roberts
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 NOY 5 - Sun 27th July


Map : Mining Mystery

Setter : Stuart Kurtz

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NOY 6 - Sun 3rd August 

Map : Gretley

Setter : Sam Howe

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NOY 7 - Sun 31st August 

Map : Astleys Tower East

Setter : David Kitchener

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Minor Results Summary


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Minor - Sun 11th May

Map : Belford

Setter : Peter Newton

Results  Photos

Minor - Sun 1st June

Map: The Range

Setter:Geoff Peel

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Results Splits Photos routegadget



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