Summer Street Series Event 3

Note: New corrected versions will be out tomorrow. Sorry about that - seems some of the referencing in the spreadsheet has gone nutty. Causing some to get higher scores than they got and others to get 0 (DK it was not intentional) 
Map/Location: Raymond Terrace
Setter: Viola O'Connor
Start: The river-side Park, Hunter St (at end of Glenelg St), Raymond Terrace
Parking: Hunter St
Facilities: Playground, Water
Start times: Between 5pm and 6:30pm (with 2 minutes planning time before the start). Course closure at 7:25pm.

We will be using electronic timing which will mean more accurate times and scores, less work for volunteers and fast results publication for competitors. If you have your own SI stick or P Card then please bring it along to all street events, otherwise you can hire a P Card or SI Stick at each event for just $2. P Cards and SI Sticks will also be available for sale.

Important Note: Newcastle Orienteering recommends that all competitors wear bright clothing or reflective gear throughout the season to enable drivers to see you especially if you are running near dusk. Please also take care when crossing roads and use recommended crossing points on busy roads. We also wish to remind competitors that listening to an ipod (or similar) while on course can be a distraction that may cause you to not hear an emergency warning or similar and as such are not allowed during these events for your safety.





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