Urban Foot Orienteering - Series 13 (2019) - Final

Thanks to the following people for all their valuable help organising and running the event:

Course Setter: Carolyn Matthews
Map Printing: Jeff Guy
Set Up/Pack Up: Geoff and Margaret Peel, Jeff and Joy Guy, Malcolm Roberts
Computer: Jeff Guy
Registration: Joy Guy, Carolyn Matthews
Control Collection: Adrian Plaskitt, Jon Sayers, Andrew Killen, Alex Massey, Andrew Morris, Rudi Landseidel, Malcolm Roberts


Congratulations to UFO 2019 Champions:

Overall Men: Alex Massey
Overall Women: Jenny Enderby:
A Grade Long: Alex Massey
B Grade Long: Bjorn Mella
C Grade Long: Margaret Peel
A Grade Short: Erika Enderby 

Presentations to winners will be made at the Bush Orienteering Presentation in December 2019.

Gradings for UFO #13 Final


Wednesday 27th March

Even though this is the Final of the UFO series all competitors are welcome. Non-qualifiers will run in the Enter On Day category.

Location: Varty Park, Weston

Directions: Access the assembly area from either Fourth Steet or Swanson Street, Weston.

Map: NEW MAP (drawn by Ian Dempsey) - Chinaman's Hollow 1:4000, 2 metre contours.

Setter: Carolyn Matthews (Vetted by Malcolm Roberts)

Terrain: A mix of ovals, open park and playground, urban bush and rural streets. You will feel like you have had three different events in the one run!! We recommend parents shadow younger competitors on suburban streets.

Start times: Starts between 5pm - 6:30pm

Course Closure: 7:10pm. (Finish after 7:10pm and you risk being disqualified for failing to finish the course in the allowed time.)

This closure time is to enable the setter to collect controls before it gets dark. So please, please choose your start time so that you complete your chosen course by 7:10pm

Courses: Long (~5 km), Short (~2.5km). These are length via logical route choice around out of bounds areas. Competitors should choose a course that matches their ability and allows them to finish by course closure time.

Facilities: None

Presentations to winners will be made at the Bush Orienteering Presentation in December 2019.

Course Setter's Notes:

  • The long course involves navigation on bush tracks with some controls on or adjacent to tracks.
  • Power poles and power lines appear on the map only in park or open areas.
  • Cessnock Road is out of bounds. Under NO circumstances should you need to cross this road.
  • The main oval in Chinaman's Hollow is also out of bounds. Please respect this (and all other out of bounds areas).
  • Bring insect repellent.
  • SI: this is a Sport Ident (SI) event, there is an SI unit attached to each control, so you will need to bring your SI stick or P-card. There are less than 20 controls on the short course, so people that only own a P-card will be able to use that if they run the short course. For the long course, they will need to hire or purchase an SI stick for this event.


Urban Series Fees:

Members $7

Non Members: $10

$2 SI stick hire

$5 for second map on the day

Our club is non-profit with all takings going back towards equipment, access fees and mapping.

Important Note: Newcastle Orienteering recommends that all competitors wear bright clothing or reflective gear throughout the season to enable drivers to see you especially if you are running near dusk. Please also take care when crossing roads and use recommended crossing points on busy roads. We also wish to remind competitors that listening to an ipod (or similar) while on course can be a distraction that may cause you to not hear an emergency warning or similar and as such are not allowed during these events for your safety.