Urban Foot Orienteering  - Series 12 (2018) - Night Champs
Wednesday 4th April

Update: If anyone who currently owns a P-card and wishes to run the Long - Please show your P-card to Registraton and they will swap you a club SI stick for the duration of the event. 

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 Braye Park & surrounds, Waratah West

Directions: The assembly area will adjacent to the carpark at the end of the road extending from the west end of Platt St, Waratah. Turn into Platt St at the traffic lights on Edith St. Proceed pass the hospital, swing left and continue up the hill to the gravel carpark at the end of the road. Park in the carpark (limited) or along the road before the carpark. Hospital staff park out this area but the majority should be gone by 6pm.

Map: Braye Park 1:4000, 2 metre contours (updated 2018) 

Setter: Glenn Burgess

Terrain: The map is a mixture of open parkland with areas of scattered trees, rough open with areas of long grass & undergrowth, bush areas of variable runability and the adjoining residential streets. The area is generally hilly.

Start times: Starts between 6.30 pm and 7:30 pm 

Course Closure: 8:30pm (Finish after 8:30pm and you risk being disqualified for failing to finish the course in the allowed time.)

Courses: Course lengths similar to the recent UFO events. Approximately - Long : 5km, Short 2.5km.

Facilities:  None.

Entry Fee: $7 for members, $10 for non-members (non-members will be asked to fill out a short form the first time they enter an event), $2 for SI Stick Hire (or bring your own).


  • There are a couple of controls placed off the tracks in the bush and there are route choices through long grass, undergrowth and bush areas.  Although there are options, lower leg cover is recommended if you want to maximise route choice (particularly on the Long Course).
  • The Long Course has some sections through the surrounding residential streets but traffic volumes should be low. The Short Course is wholly within parkland. Both courses cross the internal park road leading up to the lookout on Braye Park Hill which is open to traffic but should be quiet.
  • Bring insect repellent to protect from the rampant mosquitoes.

Note 1: Remember, its night orienteering.  It will be dark! So bring a headlamp or torch (Sunset 5:45pm. Civil twilight ends at 6:09pm. Moonrise 8:23pm).

Note 2: This is a Sport Ident (SI) event, there is an SI unit attached to each control, so you will need to bring your SI stick or P-card. There are less than 20 controls on the short course, so people that only own a P-card will be able to use that if they run the short course. For the long course, they will need to hire or purchase an SI stick for this event.