From the north.  Navigate to Kitchener via Cessnock or Abernethy. From the junction of Abernethy Rd. and Cessnock Rd. (which becomes Quorrobolong Rd.) Head south for approx. 840m and look for suitable parking on the western side of the road.

From the south. Look for Sandy Creek Rd. (Just south of Mulbring) and follow this road (to the west) for approx. 12KM., then turn right onto Quorrobolong Rd.. After approx. 3.5km  look for suitable parking on the western side of the road.

Parking: Parking can mostly be right angled to the road, but may have to be parallel behind the roadside barrier.

Assembly Area: The assembly area will be adjacent to the southern end of a roadside barrier on the western side of the road. Toilets should be open at the Poppet head park. (1km north of the assembly.)

Map: the Decapitated Poppethead        (1:10 000)


Planner: Denis Lyons

Vetter: Graeme Taplin


Course       Length(km)       Controls
Very easy    1.6    
Easy   1.9    
Moderate short   2.5    
Moderate long   3.4    
Hard short   3.6    
Harm medium   5.4    
Hard long   7.3    

Entry Fees


Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm. Please ensure you start your course with enough time to complete it prior to course closure


(a) The area is frequented by trail bikes and 4WD vehicles. IF YOU HEAR OR SEE THEM COMING, GET OFF THE TRACK AND OUT OF THEIR WAY.

(b) The tracks created by these trail bikes and 4WD’s are often badly eroded. Think SAFETY rather than speed when using these trails.

(c) Native cherry trees and tree-root mounds will NOT be shown on this edition of the map. Termite mounds (brown X) and meat-ant nests (see symbol in legend) have not all been checked, but appear reasonably accurate. ONLY TERMITE MOUNDS (not meat-ant nests) HAVE BEEN USED AS SOME CONTROL SITES.

(d) Take care on any steep gravel slopes.

(e) Very Easy and Easy courses will have marked trails which use black /yellow streamers.

(f) The area includes spikey vegetation. Full body cover is advised.

(g) Help with collection of controls will be needed, and very much appreciated.