Blue Gum Hills - Minmi

This will be our first bush event for the season. Longer courses will be set as Middle Distance style with winning  times expected to be between 30-35 minutes.

A special “Progressive” course will be available for adults (and accompanied children) that have little to no bush navigating experience. Some of you may have tried either our Street or Urban series so this could be a good way of trying out a bush course. This course will start with “Very Easy” level control placement . Navigational difficulty will then increase as you progress with a few “Moderate” controls introduced later on. Participants will be able to drop up to 3 controls but will concede a five minute penalty for each control they have not visited.

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As this is a minor event, maps will be available prior to your start (with the exception of the Hard Long) so that you may plan your routes or ask for assistance from the course setter or another experienced orienteer.

Participants are allowed to do the course in pairs (or even small groups) so long as they do not split up.

Location: Woodford Road, just south of Minmi

GPS: -32.889807, 151.611327

Directions: Woodford Road is the main thoroughfare through Minmi.

The Southern end of it joins the Newcastle Link Road at a large set of traffic lights approx 500 m SE of the M1 freeway and also the end of the Hunter expressway. From either the M1 or Hunter Expressway you will turn left into Woodford St at the lights. Those coming from Newcastle will turn right. If coming via Cameron Park Drive you will continue straight through the lights. From all these directions the event is on the right 600 m beyond these traffic lights. (see parking instructions)

For those coming via Minmi, it is on the left just beyond the 80km sign posts up the hill as you leave Minmi. (see parking instructions).

Parking: (see image below) Parking space is limited. There will be some parking inside the boundary gate with others just outside in a roadside clearing. Overflow parking is about 150m away on the other side of the road towards Minmi. Could single passenger cars use the overflow parking to maximise our closer parking. Please be cautious and give plenty of warning to those behind you if you are turning right into the parking area.



Map: ”Woodford Street” 1:7 500 5M Contours. This is the western section of “Blue Gum Hills”


Setter/Organiser: Geoff Peel 0422471353

Vetter: Margaret Peel


Course       Length(km)       Climb(m)       Controls      Drinks
Very easy    1.6km   45m    8    
Easy    2.0km   85m    10    
Progressive   2.3km   85m   12   1.0km
Moderate short    2.0km   60m    8   0.5,1.5km
Moderate long    3.1km   80m    9   2.1km
Hard short    3.6km   135m    10   2.4km
Hard long   5.1km    200m    14   1.0,2.1,4.6km

Entry Fees


Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm. Please ensure you start your course with enough time to complete it prior to course closure.

Setters Notes: Initially the mapped area was very very dry but recent rain means that you will likely get wet feet at a couple of the creek crossings and waterholes may actually contain water. There are some marked crossings that may be of use when planning your route with the shorter courses having a compulsory crossing. Crossing points are marked with black/yellow tapes but there are many other coloured tapes marking them as well. They should be obvious if you are in the correct vicinity. I have tried to update the single track network but they are probably indicative rather than totally accurate. There is mining subsidence in this area, I did not come across anything too dangerous but just be aware as new hazards can appear at any time. I have tried to set such that the climb is not excessive, but as the area name suggests it is quite hilly.

Please bring you own insect repellent. The mosquitos are quite active at the moment!

Water on Course: Drinks controls are available on all courses except for “Very Easy” and “Easy”.
Please be prepared to carry your own supply should conditions prove to be warm and you are feel you will need it.