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From the Course Setter

Blue Gum ControlThank you to all of you who came and enjoyed orienteering in the fantastic autumn weather. (Was this close to any sort of record for numbers at a local event?) An even bigger thank you to the following people for their help with making the event run smoothly.

Set up: Carolyn Chalmers and Viola O’Connor

Registration desk and computer: Joy and Jeff Guy

Gate Monitor: Denis Lyons

Map printing: Geoff Todkill

Pack up: Joy and Jeff, Margaret Peel

Control collection: Margaret Peel, Neil Curryer, Rudi Landseidel, Lynda Hewson and friend, Rob Vincent.

Apologies if I left anyone out.

As a novice course setter, I was pleased that competitors seemed to enjoy the challenge and appreciated the effort put in. I couldn’t have done all the hard work without help from vetter Malcolm Roberts. Come Sunday afternoon, after the event was run and won, we both were really appreciative of those who stayed behind to help pack up and to bring in controls.

Finally, I would like to encourage everyone in the club to have a go at setting a course or even just to help out at an event. Yes, it is a bit of work but someone has to do it and it is rewarding. Oh, and many hands do make light work!

Carolyn Matthews

Directions: From Wallsend: Head north-west along Minmi Road. 4.8 km after the turn-off to the waste facility, turn left into Blue Gum Hills Regional Park.

From Newcastle (via Link Road): Head north-west along the Newcastle Link Road, straight ahead through 2 roundabouts. At the major intersection with Cameron Park Drive / Woodford Street (traffic lights), turn right. Continue another 2.0 km on Woodford Street into Minmi, turning right into Minmi Road at the traffic lights. After 700 m, turn right into Blue Gum Hills Regional Park.

From the M1 or M15: Take the Newcastle exit from the M1, or proceed straight ahead for Newcastle from the M15. In all cases, you need to be in the LEFT-most lane, so that you can turn left at the major intersection with Cameron Park Drive / Woodford Street (traffic lights). Continue another 2.0 km on Woodford Street into Minmi, turning right into Minmi Road at the traffic lights. After 700 m, turn right into Blue Gum Hills Regional Park.

Important note: Orienteers are not to use the main car park. Orienteering parking is beyond the “normal” car park, through a manned gate. This unsealed road has large drainage humps which may not be suitable for all vehicles. Vehicles with low clearance or a long wheelbase would be best to park in the cemetery car park back on Minmi Road, which is on the sharp bend, about 200 m on the Minmi (western) side of the main park entrance. From there, walk through the parkland to the manned gate and beyond (and hopefully pick up a lift).

Map: Blue Gum Hills (1:10000, 5 metre contours)

Terrain:  Basically spur/gully terrain but with areas of thick vegetation (i.e. lantana!) in many of the main watercourses. There is an extensive track network across the map. The terrain is steep in southern part of the map that leads up to the Link Road. There are some rock outcrops in this steeper part of the map.

Planner: Carolyn Matthews

Vetter: Malcolm Roberts

Courses:  Full range of NOY courses

Course       Length(km)       Climb (Meters)
Very easy   2.2km   ?
Easy   2.5km   ?
Moderate short   2.6km   ?
Moderate long   3.3km   ?
Hard short   3.6km   ?
Harm medium   5.0km   ?
Hard long   6.7km   ?

Entry Fees: See the current schedule of Entry Fees

Safety: There is no one obvious safety bearing on this map (it depends on where on the map you are!) although heading south will always bring you to the Newcastle Link Road. Of course this is a long way from the assembly area. If you are somewhere on the east part of the map heading north will bring you to the trail where the cars are parked. If you are somewhere on the west side of the map, heading west should bring you to Woodford Rd (i.e. the road joining the Link Rd with Minmi). Alternatively there is a trail that runs right across the map from the roundabout on the Link Rd in a northwesterly direction. Maybe you can find that.

Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm. Please ensure you start your course with enough time to complete it prior to course closure

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