Newcastle Orienteering Club

NOY1 Pelton - 19 JULY 2020

Orienteering events in NSW are being conducted under the Orienteering NSW COVID-19 Safety Plan (current version 1st July 2020). All organisers and competitors must comply with the ONSW COVID-19 Safety Plan.

This plan is to address specific issues and details in relation to Newcastle Orienteering Club’s NOY1 event to be held at Pelton on 19th July 2020.


Course setter – Ian Dempsey

Course vetter – Clare Williams

Public Officer – David Kitchener

Organisers – Geoff Peel and Andrew Power

Entry and Results – Jeff Guy and Joy Guy

New competitors – Joy Guy, Carolyn Rigby and Geoff Todkill

COVID-19 Distancing Management – Joy Guy, Carolyn Rigby, Geoff Peel and Andrew Power

Starter – Denis Lyons, Ian Dempsey and Malcolm Roberts


Course setter and vetter will determine location of start, map boxes, start units, start chute, etc.

Public officer will approve COVID-19 Plan and monitor compliance.

Organisers will set up assembly area, start, finish and download in accordance with social distancing rules and in consultation with the course setter/vetter. Will erect appropriate signs and set up hand cleaning stations.

Entry and results will advise all competitors who have not entered prior to the event how to enter on line and of online payment options. Will issue and collect hire SI sticks without contact. Will also manage the download of results.

New competitors will be greeted and stepped through the fundamentals of orienteering and the event. This needs to be done by remaining 1.5m from the competitor(s).

COVID-19 social distancing and monitoring will be monitored and if necessary competitors will be requested to separate, asked to spread out in the assembly area, leave the assembly area if they are finished their course, etc.

Starters will monitor social distancing in the start queue and ensure starters register before departing on their course.

All roles can engage the assistance of other club members as necessary to ensure compliance with COVID-19 requirements.


All entries will be via Eventor and all payment via electronic means.

  • Entry can be via Eventor at any time up to the time of last start.
  • Andrew Power will set up the event in Eventor to allow pre-entry and payment.
  • Jeff Guy will coordinate and advise regarding on line entry at the event.
  • Andrew Power will print the entry list prior to attending the event.

Contact Information

All organisers, competitors and spectators must provide contact information for later tracing if required. If you enter via Eventor please check that your information is up to date. If you are at the event without entering via Eventor please report to Entry and Results and provide your information.

  • Andrew Power will print the entry list at 7am on the morning of the event.
  • Geoff Peel will create a sheet to register details of people who attend but do not compete.
  • Jeff Guy will record attendee details on the sheet if required.


All starters will be required to register their SI stick in a separate unit at the start.

  • Malcolm Roberts will establish a system to record starters


No results board will be available to reduce the opportunity for competitors to congregate.

Finishers will be given a printout of their individual splits.

  • Jeff Guy will provide regularly updated LIVE Results -

Hire SI Sticks

Competitors who require a hire SI stick will collect it from Joy Guy..

Competitors will return SI stick by dropping them into a container.

  • Joy and Jeff will arrange for the hire SI sticks to be cleaned after the event.


No key box will be provided. A key board will be available and can individually store approximately 30 sets of keys. Other keys should be left in a bag in the assembly area.

Assembly Area

Competitors are to spend the minimum amount of time possible in the assembly area. They should arrive in time to prepare themselves and then start. Following completion of their course they should leave the assembly area as soon as possible.

We always welcome people to assist in the collection of controls and pack up. If you are able to assist please either plan to complete you course close to course closure time or return to the assembly area at course closure time.


No water will be provided in the assembly area or on any courses. Competitors should bring their own water to the event and if they expect to require water while on the course will need to carry it with them.

The ONSW COVID-19 Safety Plan - Please Read

ONSW COVID-19 Safety Plan