Don't be put off by the 'championship' - this event is for everyone!!

Sunday 25th August 2019 - Hunter Valley Champs


The area is dominated by two near parallel ridges which merge at the southern edge of the map. The ridges have reasonably steep sides and numerous watercourses, many of which are deeply cut. The broad valley between the two ridges has detailed contour features. There are plenty of rock features.

From MULBRING: From the roundabout at Leggetts Drive and Lake Road, travel west on Lake Road for 4.8 km, then turn right onto Hebburn Road (GRAVEL road - SPEED HUMP - Camera). Follow Hebburn Road for 1.9 km and turn right onto a track which splits into two. Take the LEFT track for approx. 60 m, veer right and follow signs to parking.
From KEARSLEY: Follow Lake Road (to the east) for 3 km, then turn left onto Hebburn Road (GRAVEL road), thence as above.

Parking: Try to park in rows near the Archery facility. Excess parking would be along the sides of the access tracks, or Hebburn Road.

"ARCHERY RIDGE" 1:10 000, 5m contours

Venue: Cessnock Archery Range 

Planning team: Denis Lyons and David Kitchener


The start triangle will be 10m in front of the map collection.

Course       Length(km)       Description            Championship Categories
String        Kids can have fun following the string line and receive a small reward.    
Very easy    1.4km     Follows tracks and a streamer trail   Mto12A, Wto12A
Easy    1.6km    Controls not far from tracks, BUT, you need to know where you are along the track before turning off. You also need to be able to recognise a watercourse.   Mto14A, Wto14A
Moderate short    2.4km   Moderate cross-country navigation   Mto18B, Wto18B
Moderate long    2.9km   Moderate cross-country navigation   MOpenB, WOpenB
Hard short    3.2km   Difficult navigation   Mto18A, M(19-49)AX, M(50-59)AS, M60A, M70+A
Wto18A, W(19-49)AS, W(50-59)AS, W60A, W70+A
Hard Medium    5.3km   Difficult navigation   M(19-49)AS, M50+A
W Open A, W40A, W50+A
Hard long    7.1km   Difficult navigation   Open A, M40+A

Note: M(19-49)AX was a new class in 2018.

Entry Fees

Bush Event Entry Fees:

  Adults Juniors Family
Members $12 $9 $30
Casuals $15 $10  

1st timers $12 (includes SI stick hire)

Second map $5

SportIdent stick hire $2


Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm. Please ensure you start your course with enough time to complete it prior to course closure


(a) The Archery club is currently upgrading its tracks and target sites. Only the most prominent tracks are mapped. Arrows painted on the ground are not mapped. Concentrate on NATURAL FEATURES when at the start and finish of your course.
(b) TRAIL BIKES and 4WD vehicles use the area. Keep out of their way.
(c) The area does contain SPIKY VEGETATION hidden in areas of light or dark green.
(d) Take care on steep & slippery gravel slopes.
(e) Firewood-gatherers are active at this time of year.
(f) Brown triangles represent small termite mounds.
(g) Prominent native cherry trees are included in the distinctive trees- green X.
(h) Tree-root mounds and meat-ant nests are NOT shown on this version of the map.
(i) Surveyors have been marking the edge of a “paper road” with pink tapes. Moderate and hard courses may see these as they head to controls near the finish.
(j) Structures at the Archery site which have been used as toilets will NOT be available for use on the day.
(k) At least five helpers are needed to collect controls at the end of each event.

For this event INDIVIDUALS may compete in age classes.
Either (a) look for your age class, and enter the course for that class,
…Or (b) select a class for which you are eligible on the course you wish to complete. Please INDICATE BOTH COURSE AND CLASS ON YOUR ENTRY SLIP.
You don't have to be part of the championship class competition - just enter your normal course.