BOSS 1 - Werakata N.P. (NE of Cessnock)


Map: Werakata Trails (1:15000 contours 10m). Map produced for Mountain Bike Orienteering. No fine detail shown on map at this scale. Roadside drains are not shown but culverts under main roads are marked.

Directions: Head north east on Old Maitland Road from its junction with Maitland Road (Neath to Cessnock). This junction is at the south west corner of East Cessnock Primary School. The junction can be confusing as you are nearly turning back on yourself, don't turn too early into a one way lane. After approx 3km turn left into the National Park (as indicated on map below). Follow o-signs for another 2.5km to parking along the south west side of a major set of powerlines. Registration tent will be visible as you enter the parking area.

Terrain: Reasonably 'flat' to undulating with steeper sections in the north east

Tracks: Main dirt roads are well maintained and 'fast' and do act as public roads giving access to adjacent farm lands - be alert, keep left. Obey all normal road rules. Other tracks are mostly 'moderate' but with sections of 'slow' or 'difficult' as a result of water drainage. There are no 'single track' paths. Some tracks that would show up in ariel photos have been 'closed' by National Parks. These have been deleted from our map, except where they join permitted roads/tracks. This join is shown to help with navigation, but is marked as forbidden route and MUST be treated as such if we are to use the area again.

Start Times: 8:00am – 9:00am

Event type: 75 min total time, with a 5.5 km Line course immediately followed by a Score course.

Planner: Denis Lyons






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