Wet weather prevented us from running this last month. It's been rescheduled to Saturday, May 28 from 1.30-3.30 pm. Park at the south end of Station St., Whitebridge. If the weather's dicey, call Ian Dempsey (49435790) It might also be a good idea to advise Ian that you wish to attend. You can come even if you didn't attend the theory part of the workshop.

You'll need:
- A mapping board around 30 x 30cm. This needs to be firm but lightweight and could be Masonite, Perspex or polystyrene (the latter covered with adhesive sheet).
- Mapping pencils that roughly correspond to an orienteering map’s main colours of black, brown, blue, yellow and green. Clutch action pencils with 0.5mm coloured leads are good, but sharp coloured pencils can also work. - A baseplate or thumb compass, a short ruler, an eraser and masking tape. You can bring a GPS unit that reads grid references from a topographic map, but it’s not essential.