On Wed 22nd February the Park Series will begin. More information on this will be posted here soon, but there are some differences in format for these events, if you have so far only experienced street events, that we thought it would be helpful to outline them here:

  • Each week two different courses will be offered – Short (approx. 3km) and the Long (approx. 5km).
  • In the park tour series the race changes from a “score” course to a “point to point” (where controls are found in order however you still have choice on how to approach and navigate between controls – “route choice”).
  • Unlike street events, there is no 45minute time limit. Competitors should just take whatever time is required to complete the line course.
  • Competitors must visit the controls in the indicated order, visiting in random order like street event will result in cancellation of your result.
  • Questions won't be asked - controls will be punched on a card carried by the runner.
  • Competitors are reminded to check control stand number before punching. There will be other controls in the vicinity of your control and punching the wrong control will result in cancellation of your result.

The Park Tour flyer can be found here.