BOSS5 -Pelaw Main

The 5th event in this MTBO series was contested on Sunday morning at Pelaw Main.

Thanks to organiser/setter Greigor Scott for a great course. The weather also played its part with only one brief very light shower during the event.

From Greig........
The damp morning didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the riders at Pelaw Main, but maybe it was the reason there were no trailbikes out and about. Because it is a fairly restricted area to ride in, and very flat, I had to try to slow the riders down somehow, and using some fairly indistinct tracks seemed to be a good strategy to make the navigation a bit more challenging while providing some new control locations. I did keep out of the maze of tracks near the start for the most part though.
The strategy didn’t seem to work for Steven Todkill who cleared the course with 8 minutes to spare, and Andrew Haigh also managed to get them all- with 8 seconds to spare. Anyway most riders seemed to enjoy the ride.
Thanks to all the helpers:
Denis Lyons for the map, the vetting, the starting, flag collection and other bits and pieces.
Diana Scott for entries and scores, Nicole Haigh for the finish, Mick Kavur for setting up.
Russel Wilcox and Steven Todkill for flag collection.
All the others who helped in many ways to make the morning and packup easy for me.
Greig Scott

2011 Bush Events