First time Park O course setter, Viola O'Connor, set an excellent park course at the Botanic Gardens. Intricate tracks in and around the main gardens area made sure careful navigation was needed both early in the course and again over the concluding controls. The longer legs in the middle ensured competitors would be suffering some sort of fatigue for that last tricky phase. Early starters probably had the best of the conditions although even then the mosquitoes were a hassle! For the later starters automatic sprinklers coming on, followed by a storm and rather dark conditions made life interesting.

Thank you to the helpers (without whom events wouldn't occur):
Control Collectors: Steven Roberts, Callum Roberts, Angus Roberts, Alex Massey, Andrew Morris
Registration: Cheryle Todkill, Joy Guy
Computers: Malcolm Roberts, Bridget Whitehead

Special thank you to Kerry Bacon for being the liaison person with the Botanic Gardens.




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