The Gardens

Event: Club Minor

Location: Hunter Botanic Gardens
Planner: Ian Dempsey
Entries: 84
Weather: Perfect
Setup: Margaret Peel, Mick Kavur, Carolyn Chalmers
Rego: Margaret Peel
Finish: Ian Dempsey, Denis Lyons
Control Collect: Maria Orr, Peter Orr, Ian Dempsey, David Kitchener.

As our bush maps face ever increasing pressure from housing and other development we have to look towards different style of orienteering in areas that maybe don't support traditional bush orienteering. Ian Dempsey recognised that the "Hunter Botanic Gardens" might just fill this need.

To this effect he negotited access and mapped the area earlier this year and what a great idea it turned out to be. Perfect weather and a fabulous new area and pre-marked maps combined to make a perfect day, well except for maybe a few little navigation errors from some of us.

Most courses started with some very detailed and tricky navigation in the gardens themselves, followed by some longer route choice legs through the surrounding bushland. Personally I loved it and I think that was the general concensus as well.

Thanks to Ian and the Gardens managment for a great day.





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