Freemans Event

Event: "No Codes" and Junior Squad Champs
Location: Freemans Waterhole
Planner & Organiser: Robert Preston
Entries: 91
Weather: Windy but fine
Setup: Denis Lyons, Mick Kavur, Prestons
Rego: Margaret Peel, Carolyn Matthews
Finish: Denis Lyons, Carolyn Chalmers
Control Collect: Chris & Helen Welbourne, Denis Lyons, Rudi Landseidel, Arthur Kingsland, Steven Todkill, Geoff Todkill, Mick Kavur, Tony & Louis Welbourne

What a hive of activity todays event was. Plenty of people criss crossing the bush with "No Codes", "1 Hour Score" and "Junior Squad Champs" all happening.

The "No Codes" courses proved interesting. This exercise was designed to highlight the need to check your control descriptions to see the nature of the control sight you are searching for. Many participants come unstuck and registering the wrong punch code. Perhaps the self drawn courses were a slight hinderance and to some extent impacted on this.

Personally I found the score course a hoot and thoroughly enjoyed it. As for the juniors, well they finished up a very enjoyable but tiring few days of events with their champs.

Thanks to the Prestons for organising such an enjoyable and diverse range of courses.





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