Dry day at Cameron Park

Event: Minor
Location: Cocked Hat Creek
Planner: Denis Lyons/Joy Guy
Organiser: Joy Guy/Peter Newton
Entries: 75
Weather: Warm

From Joy Guy

We had a fantastic roll-up for a public holiday weekend with only one map left from the 80 printed!!

The tarps scared away the rain and it was actually quite hot at times.

Lots of help collecting controls with the helpers being Carolyn Matthews, Elly Ross, Mick Kavur, Rudi Landseidel, David Kitchener and Malcolm Roberts. So many helpers that Denis, Peter and myself missed out on collecting!

Blue 1.7km
Laura Slatter 23.11
Kieran Simons 26.37
Lizzy Mee 28.40

Green 1.9km
Ashleigh & Simon Resch 31.42
Kieran Slatter 32.16
Amylee Robertson 34.50

Short Orange 2.4km
Sheena Robertson 38.10
Caleb Sayers 38.36
Sharon Burgess 43.26

Long Orange 2.8km
Shane Jenkins 40.45
Sam Howe 46.00
Matt Hayes 47.54

Short Red 3.2km
Graeme Taplin 40.00
Andrew Power 46.36
Adrian Plaskitt 48.47

Long Red 4.4km
Glenn Burgess 45.36
Josh Roberts 46.26
Alex Massey 46.42




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