Setter's Report: Thanks to everyone who came today - 106 entries! It was a beautiful day with very few mosquitoes or leeches (unlike the last couple of months while setting). There were some flatter areas, criss-crossing tracks, and some steeper hills with rocks and gullies though the medium and long hard courses got a lot more rocks than the shorter and easier courses (sorry Neil). The ground was a bit rough and there was a bit of spiky green and tufty undergrowth here and there so sometimes the track option may have been the quicker and less frustrating route. Lots of people on the hard courses found the last couple of controls challenging and possibly also fatigue was having an effect by that stage. Many commented that they liked the courses a bit challenging especially the route choice options and having to navigate to the fine detail as they approached a control. There was a bit of an issue with the controls not all synched correctly (we had been told they were but some may have escaped) so the splits were interesting but the overall times were correct (apart from one or two which we had to fix as Sharon couldn't have possibly taken 717 minutes to run the Short Hard course).

Thanks to everyone who helped with today's event, especially Denis who vetted the courses and helped me put all the controls out. Start desk: Joy and Sally-Anne. Finish: Andrew, Jeff, Rudi, Tim and Malcolm. Organising Gear: Peter. Babysitting: Kendall and Viola. Thanks to Dave, Rob, Rudi and Denis for helping me collect controls and for everyone who helped set up and pack up and administer first aid.

It was nice to see some new people giving orienteering a go and we look forward to seeing you again. Some competitors travelled up from Sydney as well and some competed despite injury so we had a great turnout. So much so that I had to recycle several Short Hard maps and control descriptions so we had enough (thanks to those who donated their maps so others could compete).




Directions: From the western edge of West Wallsend head toward O'Donnelltown on O'Donnelltown road. After crossing the bridge over the Motorway, park beside the road and the assembly area is on the southern side of the road.

Map: Fairley Dams (1:10000)
Setter: Sam Howe
Vetter: Denis Lyons
Courses: Full set of 7 NOY courses:

Very Easy - 1.7km

Easy - 2km

Moderate Short - 2.1km

Moderate Long - 3.1km

Hard Short - 3.2km

Hard Medium - 4.7km

Hard Long - 6.7km

Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm