Directions: Turn off pacific Highway north of Raymond Terrace onto Italia Road, Approx 5k from hwy turn left into Balikera Park
Map: Balikera 1:10000
Setter: Greg Bacon
Vetter: Matt Bacon
Courses: Full set of NOY courses. (3 hard, 2 moderate, easy and very easy)
Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm

Road Crossing: Competitors will be required to cross Italia Rd from Balikera Park to get to the start area. Please take care crossing the road and children will need to be accompanied across the road. It is a 300m walk from the park to the start area.

Map Notes: This area was used for the State League event earlier this year. The start and finish is opposite the Balikera Park entry. There are numerous trees down in the forest following the recent storms. Only old tree roots are on the map with termite and ant mounds on the map. Some of the vegetation has changed/flattened following the storms and some of the larger creeks are wide and runnable. The tracks in the area have been badly eroded, there are large ruts, take care!

Water Drop: There will be one water drop, which most courses will visit.