Directions: From NORTH. At the roundabout where John Renshaw Drive crosses Weakley’s Drive and the extension of the M1 motorway, head south toward the M1 motorway. 700m from the roundabout turn left onto Lenaghan’s Drive and follow for 5km to the entrance to the Tank Paddock, on the left hand side of the road.

           From SOUTH. Take the Newcastle / Singleton exit from the M1 motorway, following signs to Newcastle. At the first set of traffic lights turn left onto Woodford St. and follow through the village of Minmi. (Do not turn at the lights in Minmi.) The entrance to the Tank Paddock is 1.7km from the northern edge of Minmi, and on the right hand side of the road.

(NB. When leaving the event to head north you need to turn left from Lenaghan’s Drive (after 2.8km approx.) onto Black Hill Rd. Immediately after crossing the M1 motorway, turn right at the roundabout to join the motorway.)

Setter's comments: Assembly area is about 100m inside the gate. You will pass the start triangle on the way through the gate. Finish is adjacent to the assembly area.
All courses use a common last control, No.250 which has 2 SI units on a saw horse. Please respect the red and white streamer that divides the assembly area from the course area.
Very Easy & Easy courses cross a fence into the railway corridor that runs along the northern edge of the map. VE will follow a short streamer trail to cross the fence again to come back into the grassy paddock.
Note: the railway line is not obvious like at Richmond Vale, it is almost buried, so the rail line symbol has been removed from the map. You will however catch glimpses of the railway tracks as you move along the corridor. A couple of sections were completely overgrown, so a narrow trail has been cut through the scrub for you. Some other courses may have the rail corridor as a route choice. Runners, PLEASE be considerate of slower people in front of you, it will only be a few seconds before you can pass.
For those that visit the distinctive tree, trust me, they are more like spherical lemons than oranges!!
Any offers to collect a few controls after the event will be greatly appreciated... visit the 'orange' tree?

Map: The Tank Paddock (1:7500)
Setter: Peter Newton
Vetter: David Kitchener
Courses: Full set of NOY courses. (3 hard, 2 moderate, easy and very easy)
Very Easy:2km
Easy: 3km
Moderate Short: 3km
Moderate Long: 3.9km
Hard Short: 3.3km
Hard Medium: 4.8km
Hard Long: 6.3km

Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm