Hunter Valley Championships


Directions: Travel west on the Hunter Expressway towards Singleton. About 2km past the end of the expressway near Branxton, turn right (north) onto Kirkton Road and continue for another 2km to the north edge of Belford National Park. Park rear in on the cleared strip on either side of Kirkton Road just north of the park boundary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kirkton Road bisects the map and is an 80km/hr zone. Please be careful parking (ensure you are fully off the road) and be mindful of children.

Map: Belford National Park. 1:10000. Remapped 2015 Ian Dempsey

Terrain and map notes: Undulating, mostly open forest with generally good visibility. Patchy areas of slow run have been mapped as full slow run. Extensive fields of Lomandra tussock, a feature of sections of the eastern half of the map (used by hard long course), are represented by the slow run/good visibility symbol. Termite mounds >0.3m are mapped, along with native cherry trees. Meat ant nests are not shown. The hard long course includes a marked crossing on Kirkton Road (all care should be taken to check for traffic before crossing).

Courses: You can enter this event even if you do not wish to be part of the Hunter Valley Championships. The Championships are for individual competitors only and are conducted in the age classes below.

Hard Long 7.3 70 Open A,M40+A  
Hard Medium 5.1 65 M(19-49)AS,M50+A W OpenA,W40+A
Hard short 3.9 30  M-18A,M(50-59)AS M60+A  W-18A,W(19-49)AS
Moderate long 4.4 60 M Open B W Open B
Moderate short 3.0 35 M-18B W-18B
Easy 2.2 25 M-14A W-14A
Very Easy 1.8 15 M-12A W-12A

EITHER (1) Select a class in which you want (and are eligible) to compete, and enter the course which is designated for that class. OR (2) Look at the course you want to run and see if there is a class available (for which you are eligible). Enter that class. If no class satisfies, then you can still run your preferred non-championship course.

Planner: Ian Dempsey
Vetter: Denis Lyons
Start times: 9.30 to 11.30am with 1.30pm course closure