So I'm a bit late in doing this. But, in my defence I have a few things on my plate right now - Some will know what i mean - others... well you can guess. Also there is orienteering to do. First the thanks

Thanks to the following:

Carolyn Rigby - for vetting (you didn't think Hayley really did it did you?) - However, all mistakes were mine as i stupidly played with controls AFTER vetting and submission for printing... seriusly don't do that. Carolyn also helped check sites and built the maze and collected controls

Geoff Todkill - for the map printing and putting up with my delays

Cheryle Todkill - for the same and rego desk

Joy Guy - for the rego desk  

Jeff Guy - for the SI, manning the finish desk (as i never seemed to be around), dealing with those who got penalties and helping pack up.

Thomas and Bridget Whitehead - For being volunteered to collect controls and then helping pack the van.

Rudi Landseidel - For control collection

Caroline and Hayley - For helping with the maze and just being awesome.

And everyone else that turned up! I hope you enjoyed the different - 'something different' - event that was put together for you. I was testing out a few things and some worked and some didn't.

What didn't work - Results! Yeah there wont be any offical results from this event. The penalty system kind of worked but some of the dummy controls made things a little confusing as did the maze (kudos to Jenny Endery who navigated the maze using the map rather than the insert) since this is the first 'popup' maze we have done (to my memory at least). So in the interest of fairness there will be no official results just the ones that were hung on the day. Further congratulations to those that ran more than one course. Especially those that have never run a 'park event' before.

What did work - the maze. As a test concept I think it went well. There were a few errors on how people read the control descriptions and a few instances of reaching over walls - lucky for you Caroline decided to save people embarrasment (though she will remember who you were for later). But on the whole it worked.

Dummy controls - Did what they were supposed to - catch out the unwary. But due to confusion with how to read control descriptions there were a few mistakes. So im putting the IOF control descriptions in the documents section of the website as well as the Australian adaptation from OA.

Right now off the continue working on the next event....

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You This Very Important Public Service Announcement

Remember back when at the HVC (Hunter Valley Championships for those in the "know") we delayed the presentation of awards until our own Bush presentations? And then you heard nothing more about it? Well I'm here to change that!

And not only are we having the club presentations there's ALSO an event on :)

Not your regular style event either. This will take the park format (if you are familiar with it) and play around with it, shake it up and then see what falls out.

So without further ado the event details:

Venue: Wallsend Brickworks Park, Wallsend

Directions: From Newcastle Road turn South into Douglas Street (this may be left or right depending on the direction you are approaching from) then left into Birchgrove Drive and Left into Iranda Grove for limited Parking. Parking can also be found on Birchgrove Drive.

Map: Brickworks Park 1:4000

Planners: The Jenkins Family (though Hayleys input will probably be minimal)

Vetter: TBA (maybe Hayley....)

Courses: Only 3 on offer Long (~5km) , Short (~2km) and Easy (~1km) with more information being revealed as we get closer

Helpers: Yes Please. We will need helpers to help setup in the morning so if you are free please volunteer - This will not mean you can't run the event as it won't really be of any aid to you. See one of us at a street event - ask around if you don't know us and get to know others. 

Start Time: From 4pm to 5:30pm. Course closure at 6pm. Please aim to start at an appropriate time to be back by 6pm (especially if you want a sausage....)

Presentations: Sometime after 5:30pm. When the BBQ is on. So bring a rug and chairs and enjoy the day and the company of fellow orienteers

Entry Fees: FREE

Apology: The delay is getting this event off the ground was due to our first venue falling through.




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