Apologies for the misinformation about a map change for the hard long. It was included in error much to Denis's frustration.

BBQ and Presentations: There will be a BBQ from 12:30 with presentations for the winners to take place at 1:15pm. THere will also be lucky 'door' prizes drawn randomly from entries (you must be present to collect - control collectors are excempt and may pick up their prize on return). Note: In the event of rain the BBQ and presentations will be postponed to the club Bush presentation event.

Directions: Adjacent to Twelve Mile Creek rest centre, north of Raymond Terrace. Travel north on the Pacific Highway for (approx.) 15.5 KM from the roundabout at the northern end of Heatherbrae. 1.75 KM north of the Italia Rd. junction, turn left and then, after 30metres, turn right. Follow this (poorly) sealed road for 1.5 KM to parking and assembly.

Parking: (The bee hives have gone and hopefully won’t be back before Sept 18.) Some parking will be possible on the western side of the dirt road, near assembly. Check grass for rocks. Some sections not suitable for low clearance.
Others may turn around and park on the eastern side of the sealed road where there is room to allow for through traffic. Additional parking is under a power-line on the western side of the sealed road. Then walk 350m north to assembly. PARENTS ARE ADVISED THAT THERE IS A DAM BETWEEN THIS ADDITIONAL PARKING AND THE ASSEMBLY AREA.

Parking plan HVC

Map: New map (1:10 000) of an unused section of Wallaroo NP.

Planner: Denis Lyons

Vetter: David Kitchener

Courses: For this event INDIVIDUALS may compete in age classes. Either,(a) look for your age class, and enter the course for that class. Or (b) select a class for which you are eligible on the course you wish to complete.

INDICATE BOTH COURSE AND CLASS ON YOUR ENTRY SLIP. You do not have to be part of the championship class competition. Just enter your normal course.
The following classes are available on the course indicated.

Course       Length(km)       Men       Women
Very easy   1.4   Mto12A   Wto12A
Easy   2.0   Mto14A   Wto14A
Moderate short   2.9   Mto18B   Wto18b
Moderate long   3.5   MOpenB   WOpenB
Hard short   3.7   Mto18A, M(50-59)AS, M60A, M70+A   Wto18A, W(19-49)AS, W(50-59)AS, W60A, W70+A
Hard medium   5.2   M(19-49)AS, M50+A   W Open A, W50+A, W40+A
Hard long (map change)   7.2   Open A, M40+A    

Entry Fees

Mapper / Course Planner notes: The area is similar to many parts of Wallaroo State Forest used for many previous events. There is a mix of open, runnable terrain along with very thick scrub, and everything in between.
There are a number of sections of intensely rocky ground, mainly around hilltops and along ridges. Courses for this event allow competitors to avoid most of this rocky ground.
Many trees were partly or fully blown over in last year’s storm. An attempt has been made to map these tree-root mounds. Trees that are leaning against others have been highlighted in pink. NB. There have been other storms in the nine months since the map was completed, so there may be some others that have not been found during checking.

The area does have some trail bike and 4WD activity. If you hear trail bikes or 4WD’s, GET OUT OF THEIR WAY.

Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm. Please ensure you start your course with enough time to complete it prior to course closure





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