Directions: Travel west on the Hunter Expressway and continue on the New England Highway past Branxton towards Singleton. Approximately 1.5km past the right turn (north) to Kirkton Rd (for Belford National Park), turn left (south) at the Pothana Lane sign. Follow orienteering signs for 1.5km to parking on the side of Pothana Lane.

Map: Pothana (1:10 000). Fieldwork and cartography Ian Dempsey (2016), Terry Farrell and Denis Lyons (1981). Check the original map here (and a sneak peek here at the new map)

Landowners: Thanks to David Hook from David Hook Wines and to Richard Fox for access to their properties for this event.

Terrain: Gently undulating and fast eucalypt forest with some patches of slow run throughout and some cleared areas in the east. Point features include termite mounds >.3m (brown cross), cherry trees and cherry tree clusters (green circle and green triangle, respectively), log piles (green line), lantana thickets (green dot), distinctive olive trees and olive tree clusters (green dot and green screen, respectively).

Planner: Ian Dempsey

Vetter: Scott Simpson

Kids Activities: There will be a techincal/fun training session for kids of all ages between 11 and 12 (weather permitting) followed by a game of bush soccer. A good chance for kids to get together and play.

Courses: Standard NOY courses that are a little longer than normal because of the flatter and faster terrain.

Course       Length(km)       Climb (Meters)
Very easy   2.1   20
Easy   2.6   30
Moderate short   2.9   45
Moderate long   4.0   55
Hard short   3.7   55
Harm medium   6.1   75
Hard long (map change)   8.6   115

Start: The start for all courses is a gentle 300 metre walk from assembly.

There is a compulsory fence crossing on the Hard Long course – please use this crossing to prevent fence damage. There are several fences in the eastern part of the map that can be crossed at some points because they are in poor repair. Regardless, some easy crossing points for these fences are marked on the map.

Entry Fees

Safety: Safety bearing is north to Pothana Lane. Emergency phone contact 0490057196. Water is available at control sites for Hard and Moderate courses.

Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm. Please ensure you start your course with enough time to complete it prior to course closure




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