Run or walk, compete against yourself or others, or a fun family day out. Classic "forest" orienteering for all in the great outdoors. (Mar-Sept)
   Run, walk or push a pram to a 45 minute time limit. How many points can you get? (Oct-Feb)
    A great introduction to orienteering with fun courses in suburban parks & reserves. Also includes a night event. (Feb-Mar)
    Navigate around bush tracks and trails on your mountain bike. The     BOSS series offers 75 minute score & line+score events. (Oct-Mar)






------------------------------------------------- Admin Login


This is a two step process.

1. Register your details on Eventor (the online system for entry and payment for all orienteering events). You will only need to do this once. For entry to future events you will only need to do step 2.

2. Enter your chosen event.


 Step 1 - Register on Eventor

Follow the instructions at How to Register and Add Yourself as a State Casual in Eventor . This will register you as a Casual member which is free.

 Step 2 - Enter the event

Go to Eventor and log in.

Go to the date of the event on the Event Calendar and click on the event link.

Read the information at the top of the screen and other information if available under Documents and Links. This will help you select a course.

Click on Enter and/or order services in the Entry box on the right.

Click on the drop down list under Class to select you course.

If eligible for FIRST TIMER DISCOUNT (your very first orienteering event) click on the drop down list under Available Services and select the relevant First Timer Discount and click the +Add button. This will reduce the fee for your chosen course.

(Entering as a team: You can join with someone already entered on a course to form a team. Team entry is the same cost as one individual entry (ie. extra members are free) and includes one map. If you are joining with someone already entered to form a team click on the drop down list under Class and select Team Mbr. If you require your own map select the relevant Extra Map under Available Services and click the +Add button).

Read the Entry terms and conditions and tick the box to accept.

Click Next to go to the Confirm page.

Check your entry details are correct. Tick to accept the Order Terms and conditions and click Confirm and go to payment.

Make the required payment.

You are now entered for the event. Your entry will now be listed on the Event Calendar and your name will be on the All Entries list.