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Sunday, 30th May 2021

NOY3 Bellbird

Apologies for today's Event.  We were prevented from running the planned event by security personnel from the mining company that says it holds a mining lease over part of the area.  Crown Land didn't advise us of this lease.

Those who competed had a great day and enjoyed improving their navigation skills.

Non-competitive RESULTS.  A replacement NOY event will be organised if possible to replace this event.

Click here to Pre-ENTER.  Please pre-enter by 12 midnight on Saturday 29 May 2021. There will be limited maps available for people who enter on the day.


From Cessnock, drive south-west on Wollombi Rd about 5 km through Bellbird Heights to Bellbird.

From Ellalong, travel north on Ellalong Road through Pelton to the intersection with Wollombi Rd. Turn right and proceed about 2 km to Bellbird.

It is recommended to park along the north-western side of Wollombi Rd on either side of Bell St or in Bell St itself.

The assembly area is on the south-eastern side of Wollombi Rd south of the Bell St intersection. Look out for orienteering signs. Wollombi Rd can be busy – cross with care!


"Bellbird / Pelton North", 1:10 000, 5 m contours

Special symbols: Black crosses show car wrecks. Black circles indicate wreckage and rubbish. Brown triangles show termite mounds.

Some indistinct tracks and watercourses used by the Very Easy and Easy courses have been taped for clarity in the terrain.

There are some new motorbike tracks and termite mounds not shown on the map, mainly in the southern section affecting the longer courses.


Mostly undulating forest with occasional patches of slow run and walk, but with an extensive track network. There are three terrain types. First, spur/gully terrain characteristic of Werakata State Conservation Area, with minor rock detail. Second, highly detailed abandoned mining land with embankments, mounds, pits, ditches, ruins and variable, but passable vegetation. Finally, slow run along the main creek with some contour and side watercourse detail.

Full body cover is recommended.


There are a few deep and potentially dangerous subsidence pits that are shown on the map with a black V and marked with red/white hazard tape in the terrain. There is also rubbish, rusty metal, broken glass, etc on the ground in some places. Please take care.

Trail bikes are active across the whole area. Move out of their way if you encounter them.

The fenced off gas pipes in the northern area of the map make some noise at regular intervals but are nothing to be concerned about.

All railway lines on the map are no longer in use and are safe to cross.

The safety bearing is west to Wollombi and Ellalong Roads.

Event telephone on the day: 0490 686 207.


About 200 m from the assembly area for all classes. Follow the streamers north-east from the assembly area, across the disused railway line to the start.


Starts between 9.30 and 11.30 am. Course closure at 1.00 pm.

Control descriptions

Control descriptions will be printed on the front of the map for all courses except Hard Long that will have control descriptions printed on the back.


No water is provided on the courses or at the assembly area – please carry your own.


Very Easy

1.8 km

10 controls


2.3 km

12 controls

Moderate Short

2.2 km

11 controls

Moderate Long

3.4 km

12 controls

Hard Short

3.0 km

12 controls

Hard Medium

5.1 km

16 controls

Hard Long

7.0 km

21 controls

Planner - Stephen Craig