Run or walk, compete against yourself or others, or a fun family day out. Classic "forest" orienteering for all in the great outdoors. (April-Oct)
Run, walk or push a pram to a 45 minute time limit. How many points can you get? (Oct-Feb)
A great introduction to orienteering with fun courses in suburban parkland. Also includes a night event. (Feb-Mar)
Navigate around bush tracks and trails on your mountain bike. The BOSS series offers 75 minute score & line+score events. (Oct-Mar)






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Newcastle club members featured strongly in the National Non-elite Rankings for 2016 with nine ranked in the top three of their age class, the most of any Australian orienteering club.

Mikayla Enderby (W12), Jennifer Enderby (W45) & Stephen Craig (M45) topped their age class. Erika Enderby (W10), Alvin Craig (M14) & Toy Martin (W65) finished second. Oskar Mella (M12), Claire Burgess (W16) & Martina Craig (W45) were ranked third.

The rankings are determined from the best three results from six National events - each of the days in the Australian Easter 3-Days and the three Australian Championships (Sprint, Middle & Long Distance).

Full list of ranked Newcastle club members

W10 - 2. Erika Enderby, W12 - 1. Mikayla Enderby, W16 - 3. Claire Burgess, W45 - 1. Jennifer Enderby 3. Martina Craig, W50 - 6. Karen Blatchford 7. Carolyn Matthews 8. Gayle Quantock, W65 - 2. Toy Martin 16. Maureen Trotter, W70 - 11. Carolyn Chalmers.

M10 - 6. Tommy Mella, M12 - 3. Oskar Mella, M14 - 2. Alvin Craig, M45 - 1. Stephen Craig 4. Scott Simson 11. Shane Trotter, M50 - 10. Glenn Burgess 15. Peter Charlton, M55 - 4. Robert Vincent 6. Bjorn Mella 11. Geoff Todkill, M60 - 14. Ian Dempsey 21. Rudi Landsiedel, M65 - 7. Robert Preston 22. Jim Lee 24. Robert Lewin.

The complete list of rankings is here - 2016 National Rankings

Story from Glenn Burgess