Run or walk, compete against yourself or others, or a fun family day out. Classic "forest" orienteering for all in the great outdoors. (April-Oct)
Run, walk or push a pram to a 45 minute time limit. How many points can you get? (Oct-Feb)
A great introduction to orienteering with fun courses in suburban parkland. Also includes a night event. (Feb-Mar)
Navigate around bush tracks and trails on your mountain bike. The BOSS series offers 75 minute score & line+score events. (Oct-Mar)






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"Orienteering Australia has a Badge Scheme
 which recognises the achievements of a consistent
 orienteering standard relative to one's age group peers"
 These badges are earned through participation at specified events over the period. The club purchases the badges on behalf of winners and the fees are used to administer the scheme and assist with costs of financing Australian Teams at World Orienteering Championships. 

Badges have been earned by the following club members.

Nicola Blatchford           W21            Gold

Russell Blatchford         M60            Silver

Claire Burgess               W20            Bronze

Glenn Burgess               M55            Silver

Sharon Burgess             W55            Bronze

Carolyn Chalmers          W75            Gold

Ian Dempsey                 M65            Bronze

Ginaya Dunn                 W21            Bronze

Erika Enderby                W16            Gold

Jennifer Enderby           W50            Gold

Mikayla Enderby            W18            Gold

Samantha Howe            W40            Gold

Shane Jenkins               M45            Silver

Jim Lee                         M70            Gold

Carolyn Matthews          W55            Gold

Bjorn Mella                    M60            Silver

Oskar Mella                   M18            Gold

Samantha Mella             W21            Bronze

Tommy Mella                 M16            Bronze

Viola O'Connor              W55            Silver

Maria Orr                       W55            Silver

Peter Orr                       M65            Silver

Baxter Peel                    M10            Bronze

Margaret Peel                W50            Bronze

Robert Prentice              M65            Silver

Gayle Quantock             W55            Silver

Malcolm Roberts            M60            Silver

Scott Simson                 M50            Silver

Geoff Todkill                 M60            Gold

Shane Trotter                 M50            Silver

Robert Vincent               M60            Silver

More information about this scheme can be found on the OA website: