Run or walk, compete against yourself or others, or just for a family day out. The bush series caters for all in the great outdoors. (April-Oct)
Run, walk or push a pram to a 45 minute time limit. How many points can you get? (Oct-Mar)
Preparation for the Bush. Try bush style orienteering in local parks before stepping out into the bush. Also includes a night event. (Mar-April)
Navigate around bush tracks and trails on your mountain bike. The BOSS series offers 75 minute score & line+score events. (Oct-Mar)

LOCATION: Kitchener

MAP: Poppethead

DIRECTIONS and PARKING: Drive into the south entrance of Poppethead Park, Cessnock St, Kitchener and park along the outer side of the road. If this area is full then there is also parking on Cessnock St at the front of the park. There is a council road works area on the south side of the park - please don't park in or obstruct this area.

Toilets are available in the park. 

The Assembly area is on a track on the south west side of the park. Some previous flooding has washed out a bridge and there will be an approx. 300-400m taped walk to the start from the assembly area. 

The area has had some flooding recently and the map has been updated to show watercourse details more accurately especially where the watercourses are crossable. There is also more green and prickly vegetation though courses aim to avoid the worst of it.
Termite mounds have been checked and updated where relevant to courses but not all of the many termite mounds on the map have been checked so there may be some inaccuracies.
Watch your footing as there are some wombat holes, mostly near watercourses.

FEES:  Click here

STARTS: start anytime between 9:30 - 11:30 am



Very Easy 2.0 km (14 controls)

Easy 2.0 km (13 controls)

Moderate Short 2.7 km (13 controls)

Moderate Long 3.5 km (13 controls)

Hard Short 3.4 km (14 controls)

Hard Medium 5.2 km (19 controls)

Hard Long 6.7 km (19 controls)


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