Run or walk, compete against yourself or others, or just for a family day out. The bush series caters for all in the great outdoors. (April-Nov)
Run, walk or push a pram to a 45 minute time limit. How many points can you get? (Oct-Mar)
Preparation for the Bush. Try out bush style orienteering in local parks before stepping out into the bush. Also includes a night event for the adventurous. (Feb-April)
Grab your mountain bike and ride around bush tracks in either a street style event, bush style event or a combination of the two. (Oct-Mar)



33rd Hunter Schools Championships

Another successful event was held on the last Monday of Term 2 this year. It was great to see increased numbers from Hunter River High and Maitland Grossman High.

My thanks goes to Geoff Todkill for setting the courses, printing and bagging maps, putting out controls and being available to assist in the bush.

Thank you also to those club members who give up their time to assist on the day. It makes it a lot easier knowing I / we don’t have to worry about the Start or Finish. I hope those of you that had some kind of a run on the day enjoyed themselves.
The Dept of Edu. imposes extra restrictions on the organisation, especially in regards to safety and supervision of any area that could be considered dangerous. Thank you to those people who assisted in this.

Thanks to St Johns Ambulance. Another quiet day, with only a couple of sprained ankles and a sore lower leg.

Finally thank you to the competitors. We had a safe successful day. Your behaviour and cooperation with all involved made our job much easier.

Colin Bailey

Course Setter G.Todkill
Danger Supervision M.Roberts; T.Orr; G.Fowler; M.Orr
Start D.Lyons; S.Roberts
Finish Tent Helpers C.Rigby; R.Rigby; P.Newton; M.Orr; D.Charlton
Control Collection D.Lyons; G.Fowler; M&T.Orr; M.Kavur; S, A, C.Roberts