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Orienteering is a competitive or non-competitive recreational activity in which participants use a detailed map (and usually a compass) to navigate between checkpoints (known as “controls”) along an unfamiliar course. If you like a mental and physical challenge and exploring the outdoors, orienteering is the sport for you!

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    Run or walk, compete against yourself or others, or a fun family day out. Classic "forest" orienteering for all in the great outdoors. (Mar-Sept)
   Run, walk or push a pram to a 45 minute time limit. How many points can you get? (Oct-Feb)
    A great introduction to orienteering with fun courses in suburban parks & reserves. Also includes a night event. (Feb-Mar)
    Navigate around bush tracks and trails on your mountain bike. The     BOSS series offers 75 minute score & line+score events. (Oct-Mar)

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bush             Sunday 2 June 2024 - West Wallsend

                 "O'Donnelltown Rock - East"

The Newcastle Orienteer of the Year series continues with NOY 4 on the "O'Donnelltown Rock - East" map (note venue change from the originally listed NOY 4 location of Sugarloaf North).
Seven courses to suit all orienteers, from 1.9km Very Easy up to 6.1km Hard. Beginners welcome.
                                                         RESULTS here