Run or walk, compete against yourself or others, or just for a family day out. The bush series caters for all in the great outdoors. (April-Nov)
Run, walk or push a pram to a 45 minute time limit. How many points can you get? (Oct-Mar)
Preparation for the Bush. Try out bush style orienteering in local parks before stepping out into the bush. Also includes a night event for the adventurous. (Feb-April)
Grab your mountain bike and ride around bush tracks in either a street style event, bush style event or a combination of the two. (Oct-Mar)


Covid19 Procedures - UPDATED

The NSW Government has recently issued updated COVID recommendations for community sport. Orienteering NSW has reviewed the updated recommendations and updated its COVID Safety Plan. You can view the updated plan HERE.

NEW Covid10 Procedures

ONLY NEWCASTLE Members and non-members who reside in the greater Newcastle areas will be permitted to compete in Newcastle events.

The impact of the new recommendations and updated ONSW COVID Safety Plan for upcoming Newcastle events is mainly related to the recommendation to keep metropolitan and rural communities separated where possible.
For the Newcastle Club this causes an issue as Newcastle and Lake Macquarie are defined as metropolitan area and Port Stephens, Maitland and Cessnock are defined as rural. As well, some of our club members live outside of the Greater Newcastle area.

In accordance with the ONSW COVID Safety Plan competitors should arrive at the event in time to start and compete.
Competitors should then leave the event as soon as practical after they complete their course.
Competitors and officials should maintain a social distance of at least 1.5m while at the event.
Metropolitan and Rural competitors will need to remain in separate areas at the event.
Separate areas of the assembly area will be set up and separate start chutes will be established.

The event will have the following recommended start windows.
    a. 9:00am - Newcastle Club members who live outside of Greater Newcastle.
    b. 9:30am – competitors who live in the rural areas of Greater Newcastle.
    c.10:00am – competitors who live in the metropolitan areas of Greater Newcastle.
We recognise that it may not be possible for you to attend at the recommended start time.
If you attend at a different time please ensure that you use the relevant assembly and start areas for your residential location.


 1. Phone number, postal address, e-mail address and SI Stick details in Eventor. Ensure that your phone number, postal address, e-mail address and your current SI Stick details are entered in Eventor, ensuring that the SI Stick listed is the one that you will be using for the Event. This will assist with infection tracing (if applicable). You may NOT be able to compete if these Details aren't listed.
2. Pre-enter via Eventor - preferred option. To avoid the possible spread via money handling, filling in grey slips and other activities - please pre-enter and pay for the Event via Eventor for all Events. Go to https://eventor.orienteering.asn.au/Events
NOTE: IF mobile coverage is available you will be able to pre-enter via your mobile phone at the Event (as long as it is within the Start time window).
3. Non-competing details. All non-competing attendees will need to have their details recorded for contact tracing purposes - this informtion can be entered in Eventor for each event..

 If you are new to orienteering - please click here to Register so you can pre-enter for the Events.
 Newcomers - we can also take your details and enter you on the day.  :)

A detailed list of Covid19 Procedures can be found HERE
and will be available at the Event.

Please check closer to the Event date for any changes or special requirements re Covid19.