Summer Street Series Basic Rules

In entering an orienteering event, competitors recognise that the activity has certain inherent risks due to its conduct in the urban and natural environments. Included in these risks are injury due to rough terrain and obstacles and the effects of heat, cold and exhaustion. Competitors are also aware that there is no personal accident insurance on their participation in the sport and that they take part at their own risk. The Full Policy is available here (pdf)

The course is a 45 minute score course.

Competitors will receive their map 2 minutes before their start time.

Official Start Times are between 5pm and 6:30pm

Course Closure is 7:25pm. Any competitors not back before then will be disqualified.

Late Penalties:
- Minus 1 point for every minute or part thereof up to 5 minutes late
- Minus 1 point for every 30 seconds or part thereof from 5 mins late onward
- Score of 0 if more than 10 minutes late
Early Bonuses:
If all controls have been visited then plus 1 point for every full minute early

It is the competitor's responsibility to check results before leaving an event. Only in exceptional circumstances will results be changed after the competition day.

All private property and any other areas so marked on the map are out of bounds. Competitors found not observing this rule will be disqualified.

Guessing answers to control clues is considered poor etiquette (and is not in the spirit of the event).

All competitors must report to the finish (so that search parties are not sent out!)

A competitor's ten best results will be tallied to produce their overall series total (No points will be awarded for course setting).

A full write up of the scoring can be found here

2 Extra Categories: Walking and Prams
Walking - for walkers only
Prams - for parents with prams (jogging allowed - if you do intend to jog with a pram check out this article for safety tips)
- Even though toilets may be listed on the calendar, we can't guarantee that they will be open on the day.
- Please bring your own drinking water

No dogs will be allowed to compete so please keep your dogs safe and away from other competitors.

Listening to an ipod (or similar) while on course can be a distraction that may cause you to not hear an emergency warning or similar and as such are not allowed during these events for your safety.

Please do not park in a manner that obstructs access to public or private driveways
Warm Up Events
- Do not count toward Summer Street Series
- 45 minute score course
- Mass starts at 5:15pm and 5:45pm
- 2 minutes planning time before the start
- Competitors do their own scoring