Trial of MapRunF for Street Orienteering  maprun512f 1

   What is MapRunF?

  • MapRunF is GPS-based orienteering via your smartphone.

Why A Trial?

  • For organisers to learn how to use MapRunF
  • For competitors to see if they like the format

The Trial Events

There are three events. Each event is FREE. Once an event has “opened” you can run it at a time to suit you.

  • Event 1: Warabrook. Opens 12noon Wed 3rd June
  • Event 2: Fletcher South. Opens 12 noon Wed 10th June
  • Event 3: West Wallsend: Opens 12 noon Wed 17th June

Quick Start Instructions For Using MapRunF

Before The Event

  • Download (from Apple App Store or Google Play) the (free) MapRunF app and install it on your smartphone
  • Open the app and fill in the required personal details
  • Select the relevant event via the “Events Near Me” button
  • Download the map and control descriptions from the Newcastle Orienteering club website and print them out

To Run The Event

  • Go to start area but don’t go to the start/finish location initially
  • Open MapRunF. The event you selected earlier should still be showing. Press the “Go To Start” button. Once your phone has GPS signals your location should show on the app.
  • Now go to the actual start/finish location. When you get within 10m of the location your phone should beep. This means that your time has started.
  • Run your route. As you pass within 10m of each control your phone should beep. Timing will stop automatically as you pass back through the start/finish location.
  • Once you have finished your result should be automatically upload to the web. If it hasn’t use the option to upload your run manually.

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For more detailed information about this trial click here.