Urban Foot Orienteering  - Series 12 (2018) - Qualifier 3

Volunteers: Thanks go to those who made this event possbile and run smoothly.

Course Setting: Malcolm Roberts and Carolyn Matthews
Map: Malcolm Roberts
Map Printing: Jeff Guy (and Geoff Todkill behind the scenes)
Registration Desk: Cheryle Todkill, Joy Guy
Computer: Jeff Guy, Carolyn Matthews
Control Collection: Alvin Craig, Adrian Plaskitt, Rudi Landseidel, Malcolm Roberts
Set Up and Pack Up: Carolyn Rigby, Viola O'Connor, Joy Guy, Peter Newton, Ian Dempsey, Jim Lee, Malcolm Roberts

(If I have left anyone out, my apologies.)

Results On Eventor | Series Standings on Eventor

Grades for Next Week's Final

A quick guide to your grade for the Final next week at King Edward Park (as determined by the Rules for the series). Look at your placing in the Series Standings on Eventor. Then:

Long Course:

  • A Grade - Places 1 to 14 (inclusive) 
  • B Grade - Places 15 to 29 (inclusive)
  • C Grade - Places 30 to 44 (inclusive)
  • D Grade - Places 45 to 58 (inclusive) + Place 63

Short Course:

  • A Grade - Places 1 to 10 (inclusive)
  • B Grade - Places 11 to 20 (inclusive)


Location: Tumpoeba Reserve, Maryland

Directions: The assembly area will be at at the playground in Tumpoaba Reserve. You should be able to find a park on Callan Avenue or Maryland Drive.

Map: Tumpoaba Reserve 1:5000, 2 metre contours. 

Setter: Malcolm Roberts

Terrain: Nature strips and urban streets.

Start times: Starts between 5pm - 6:30pm

Course Closure: 7:10pm. (Finish after 7:10pm and you risk being disqualified for failing to finish the course in the allowed time.)

This closure time is to enable the setter to collect controls before it gets dark.  So please, please choose your start time so that you complete your chosen course by 7:10pm

Courses: Long (~5.5 km) and Short (~2.5km). These are length via logical route choice around out of bounds areas. Competitors should choose a course that matches their ability and allows them to finish by course closure time.

Facilities:  None

Course Setter's Notes:

  • The gully running down Tumpoaba Reserve is out of bounds. You should NOT attempt to cross it. On the map, this gully has a purple boundary, as shown on the snippet below, to indicate that you should not cross it  (I admit that this can be hard to see but you have been warned.)


  • Street trees have only been mapped in those areas near controls. Eventually they will all get on the map but not yet!
  • Many man-made objects have not been mapped. In particular round concrete sewer vents and signs haven't been mapped. Bench seats have been mapped with a small cross and there is one large cross on the map for what looks like an information board (that clearly hasn't been used to display any information for some time).
  • Bring insect repellent to protect from mosquitoes.
  • SI: this is a Sport Ident (SI) event, there is an SI unit attached to each control, so you will need to bring your SI stick or P-card. There are less than 20 controls on the short course, so people that only own a P-card will be able to use that if they run the short course. For the long course, they will need to hire or purchase an SI stick for this event.