Urban Foot Orienteering  - Series 12 (2018) - Event 1

Volunteers: Thanks go to those who made this event possbile and run smoothly.
Course Setting: Ian Dempsey (as well as drawing the map!)
Map Printing: Jeff Guy (and Geoff Todkill behind the scenes)
Registration Desk: Joy Guy, Carolyn Chalmers, Viola O'Connor
Computer: Malcolm Roberts, Jeff Guy
Control Collection: Ian Dempsey, Rudi Landseidel, Rob Vincent, Lewis Vincent, Kim Van Netten, Bert Van Nettern, Anthony Price, Malcolm Roberts
Set Up and Pack Up: Ian Dempsey, Carolyn Chalmers, Viola O'Connor, Joy Guy, Lynda Hewson, Peter Newton, Malcolm Roberts

(If I have left anyone out, my apologies.)

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Location: Tom Lantry Park, Tenambit

Directions: Park along the eastern end of Maize Street, Tenambit. Assembly is in Tom Lantry Park, Tenambit.

Map: Tenambit Parks 1:5000, 2 metre contours. (New Map by Ian Dempsey, Russell Rigby)

Setter: Ian Dempsey

Terrain: A mix of open parkland, very open forest, and urban streets. Both courses have compulsory road crossings, and the Long course has some street running.

Start times: Starts between 5pm - 6:30pm

Course Closure: 7:10pm. (Finish after 7:10pm and you risk being disqualified for failing to finish the course in the allowed time.)

This closure time is to enable the setter to collect controls before it gets dark.  So please, please choose your start time so that you complete your chosen course by 7:10pm

Courses: Long (4.8 km) and Short (2.9km). These are length via logical route choice around out of bounds areas. Competitors should choose a course that matches their ability and allows them to finish by course closure time.

Important Note: Both the Long and Short courses have 2 compulsory crossings of Metford Road, which can be busy in evenings. Crossing procedure – dip at the first control and your elapsed time stops; then dip at the next control and timing starts again. You have up to 60 seconds to dip at the control on the other side of the road before your time starts again. So, take your time and cross safely. For safety sakes , parents and guardians might consider accompanying any younger competitors.

Facilities:  Toilets and water near the start.

Course Setter's Notes:

  • Both courses involve several hundred metres of open, fast running, bush terrain. While a compass isn’t essential, it may be helpful.
  • Both courses have a map change (turn the map over for the other half of the course).
  • Respect others’ use of the playing fields and detour around any sport activities.
  • Bring insect repellent to protect from mosquitoes.
  • SI: this is a Sport Ident (SI) event, there is an SI unit attached to each control, so you will need to bring your SI stick or P-card. There are less than 20 controls on the short course, so people that only own a P-card will be able to use that if they run the short course. For the long course, they will need to hire or purchase an SI stick for this event.