The next Urban Foot Orienteering (UFO) Series

commences on 3 March 2021.    

UFOIf you like the Street Series and you would like to enhance the experience by using electronic controls and include some bush, then this Urban Series is for you!

This Series you use a map and an SI Stick - you find the Controls (in order) and use the SI Stick to record that you have been there.  You then download your SI Stick in to the computer and receive a printout of each Control you have visited. 

Set up an account and Pre-Enter via Eventor - which helps us to know how many maps to provide.
Click here for Instructions on how to register in Eventor.


  UFO 2021    
  Date Map Course setter
Event 1 03.03.2021 Boomerang Park Oskar Mella
Event 2 10.03.2021 Carrington Ian Dempsey
Event 3 17.03.2021 Caves Beach Peter Orr
Final 24.03.2021 Foreshore Adrian Plaskitt
Night Event date TBA Brickworks Clare Williams