Urban Foot Orienteering  - Series 12 (2018) - Night Champs

The Night Champs will be held on the evening of Wednesday 4th April at Braye Park. More information to follow soon.


Urban Foot Orienteering  - Series 12 (2018) - Final

Firstly, thanks go to the following volunteers without whom this event would not have run smoothly.

Course Setter: Adrian Plaskitt
Map Updates: Adrian Plaskitt
Map Printing:  Geoff Todkill (and Jeff Guy behind the scenes)
Registration: Cheryle Todkill, Geoff Todkill
Computer: Jeff Guy, Adrian Plaskitt
Set Up/Pack Up: Peter Newton, Adrian Plaskitt, Jeff Guy, Joy Guy, Cheryle Todkill, Geoff Todkill, Malcolm Roberts
Control Collection: Clare Williams, John and Deanne Shaw, Keith and Isaac Morris, Stephen and Alvin Craig

(My apologies to those who I have missed.)

Next, view the Results on Eventor.

Finally, congratulations to this year's UFO champions:

Overall: Men - Alvin Craig, Women -  Clare Williams

Long Course:

  • A Grade - Alvin Craig
  • B Grade -Scott Simson
  • C Grade - Geoff Todkill
  • D Grade - Maria Orr

Short Course:

  • A Grade - Arthur Kingsland
  • B Grade - Lewis Vincent




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