From Newcastle/Sydney: Take the A1 north from Hexham, proceeding straight ahead at the large roundabout at Heatherbrae. Approx. 13.8 km from this roundabout, turn left into Italia Road. Proceed a further 3.5 km, turning right onto the quarry access track. Follow this track approx. 600 m to the quarry itself.

From the west, via Seaham: Use either Seaham Road or Clarence Town Road to get to Seaham. From Seaham, take East Seaham Road over the river, proceeding 3.1 km, before turning right into Italia Road. Travel another 4.9 km and turn left onto the quarry access track. Follow this track approx. 600 m to the quarry itself.The access track is largely unsealed and may be slippery in wet conditions. It has suffered some water damage from recent rains, however, most 2WD vehicles do not have difficulty when driven with care and attention.

Map: Balickera Quarry (1:10 000)

Planner: Oskar Mella

Vetter: Bjorn Mella


Course       Length(km)       Controls
Very easy    1.98   12
Easy   2.67   15
Moderate short   2.68   7
Moderate long   3.84   13
Hard short   3.45   9
Harm medium   4.92   12
Hard long   6.41   15

Entry Fees


The safety bearing is south to Italia Road then northwest to the entrance track and assembly area. Trail bikes and 4WD vehicles are active in the area. Listen for their approach and give way by moving off tracks. It is safest to assume that they have not seen you. There are quite a few piles of rusty barbed wire around the map some of the piles in the southeast corner of the map have been marked with red and white streamers. There are some steep tracks around the quarry, most of these have small stones that are quite slippery. Most of the courses cross the entry track. TAKE CARE WHEN DRIVING ALONG THIS TRACK.

Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm. Please ensure you start your course with enough time to complete it prior to course closure

Notes: The bikers have been busy since we last used this map ad have added four new trails, all these trails are quite long and windy. Since we were not able to get the GPS through these trails have been drawn in without the GPS. Most of the green on the map is wrong, so some areas that appear thick on the map are quite easy to run through. This is my first time setting and any feedback would be welcome.





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