BOSS 5 - Blue Gum Hills


Map: Blue Gum Hills (1:10000) 

Directions: From Minmi traffic lights head south east on Minmi Rd, after approximately 500m turn right into Blue Gum Hills Regional Park.

Planner: Shane Jenkins

Start Times: 8:00am – 9:00am (Blue Gum Hills does not open its gates until 7:30am so if you arrive earlier park in the overflow area nearby or go find a coffee.)

Event type: 75 min total time, with a 7 km Line course immediately followed by a Score course.

Important Note: NWPS have requested that we do NOT ride in the carpark or on the road within the park. This will limit space for warmups to the grassed areas. There should not be too many other people around at that time of morning. 




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