The AR World Championships will be held in Tasmania from 31 Oct to 11 Nov. Two Newcastle club members, Steve Todkill and Matt Bacon will be competing along with 100 odd other teams from around the world. Steve and Matt have been training for several months to make sure that they can complete the 10 day event which has disciplines including, trekking, mountain biking, ocean and white water paddling, rogaines and mystery rope work/ challenges.

The teams will be given the course details and checkpoints the day before the event and they have to map, plan and organise the necessary food, clothing and equipment needed to complete the course. The course may well be in excess of 600km in length held along the wild, west coast of Tassie.

The race starts and finishes at Burnie. The teams will be unsupported with their equipment being dropped off at each transition area. The top teams may take 5 to 6 days to complete the course if all goes well, with teams crossing the finish line well into the 10th and final day. The teams compete as a team of four and must remain together over the course. Many of the teams will try to get through the first two days without sleep then try to catch a few hours each day to see them through. The Adventure racing website is called “Sleepmonsters” and most teams suffer from this, due to a lack of sleep and exhaustion.

You can follow Steve, Matt and their two team mates on the race website. The teams are supplied with a GPS tracking device. It’s fascinating watching the teams GPS dot slowly working around the course. Their team name is Hardtale. The live site for the race is

Send them a support message along the way! They will have some amazing stories to tell.

It should also be noted that long time club member but now Victorian resident, Rob Preston will also be involved in the event, racing with his highly ranked "Blackheart" team. Keep on eye on the front few teams for Rob and his mates.