Note: This is a similar service to the OANSW email bulletin but more Newcastle specific (and may be less than weekly). There are over 100 subsrcibers already.

The first 'Orienteering in Newcastle' email bulletin utilising MailChimp, has been sent to over 60 recipients. Did you miss out? The bulletin is sent via online email management system. Their server is secure and your details will not be passed on to other parties and apparently you shouldn't get spam etc.

It is an opt in system where you have the freedom to subscribe/unsubscribe or change your email address at any time. The beauty of this system is that the data is user maintained, requiring less resources from club officials and its absolutely free for both users and the club*. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now.
Subscribe to our email bulletin
* In the unlikely event of us getting over 2000 subscibers then the club may have to pay a fee.