From Russell Rigby

Taken some orienteering photos at a club event, or Easter, Aus Champs, or even overseas (no, really overseas, not just Stockton)? Could be action shots, a great setting, or club members enjoying themselves.

Want to share them with other club members and possibly even the wide wide world? If so, talk to Russell at the next event. Photos can be loaded by email, so there is no need to burn CDs or transfer files via USB stick.

You may have to do some simple photo-editting as there is a limit on file size, partly to speed up downloads, and partly make best use of the available on-line storage.

Over 2000 photos and maps have been added to the club Picasa photo album since it started in 2007. Almost all have been taken at events since then, and earlier photos to add to the collection will increase the value as a record of the club's activities. The important thing is the story the photos tell, not the exhibition quality of the image.

Photo Album