The sport of orienteering is inherently labour intensive to conduct. By it’s very nature it is generally in a remote area that offers no or little infrastructure. Courses are set in natural bushland and have to be planned, checked and controls placed prior to the event and then collected afterwards. Administrative equipment is also required to be bought along, set-up and then pulled down at the conclusion of the event. All this is quite an effort and far too often we are leaving all these responsibilities to too few people and are at risk of personnel burnout.

To offset this problem we have decided to introduce an “event mentoring scheme”. There are many willing people in the club that help out where they can but are not confident enough with their technical abilities to assist in course planning. The aim of this scheme is to support these people and to develop them as course planners by using our more experienced members as mentors.

Scheme Roles

Our intent is to have the roles filled for each club event as soon as possible (see calendar link below) so that planning can commence. Take a look at the roles involved to see where you might fit in to help the club continue in its aim of providing high quality local events.

Scheme Calendar

Contact Geoff Peel for more info or to volunteer for any of the available positions.