Maybe this isn't the correct place for blantant self promotion but since I have the keys to the castle I'm gunna use them.....

Below is a link to a short film Mapgirl and I made for a competition in the local newspaper. It is about an individual sport….the word “orienteering” does appear in it …..and it is about the great outdoors and the average Aussie’s attitude towards it.

If you have a couple of minutes please have a look, it’s titled “I fish and I vote”, and if you think it is OK then vote for it (you don’t have to fish) so we can win some cash and a camera. If you think it’s "rubbish" that’s fine as well.

We filmed it in about 3 hours with no pre-planning except for a bit of location scouting via google maps (satellite) and got a friend to do voice over the next evening. The film had to be no longer than 2 minutes and contain 4 of the following items. The Newcastle Herald; Grapes; a Knight; the Beach, the Hunter River. We used all 5 but you wont notice the beach.

To make it even more difficult it had to be shot only using in-camera editing meaning you are not allowed to download the video footage and alter it on a PC editing package although you can do whatever you like with the sound.

There are also judges considering these for first and second place that attract even better prizes (AUD$2500 for first), but scoring some of that would be wishful thinking. Personally I think the standout winner is “Little Jim” made by a local advertising agency.

(Edit - no version of this film is currently available on any server this editor can find - probably for the best really)