Just a quick note to remind you of my next upcoming race-The Turas Adventure Race. It is a 5 day race in the Cork and Kerry Counties inIreland and starts on Monday.

I’m racing with Richard Ussher, Elina Ussher and GordonWalker in Team AdventuresportNZ (or it could be called Team New Zealand). Thereis another all Australian team racing, Peak Adventure, captained by JaradKohler so be sure to keep an eye out for them too.

There will be live updates, including GPS tracking on therace website- www.theturas.com

I’d like to thank a few people who have been a great supportin the lead up to the race:

- Kyle and Craig Arnold from Blackheart- thanks for all your help

- Nic Naes from Fiskars Brands- thanks for all the SILVAcompasses and lights

- Salomon for some great shoes and clothes

- Mark Geary for all his tips on Ireland

I arrived in Dublin a few days ago and spent a few daysdriving down to Cork. It’s been great to see a bit of the countryside, butdifficult to enjoy myself with the race looming.