So our facebook page has passed 200 likes - thanks everyone who has liked us already! and if you haven't why not?

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In other news the Street Series has wrapped up for another year, which means 2 things. Our AGM is on soon, so if you want to be a part of the behind the scenes organisation of one of the best orienteering clubs in NSW (and Australia) think about volunteering for a role. Even if you don't want to be a committee member there are plenty of jobs that need doing throughout the year - remember without the help of our members we could not put on as many events as we do.

Secondly it means it's the Park Tour for 2015. 4 events, 3 qualifiers and a Final (you need to complete 2 qualifiers in the same grade to place for the final). These are different to street in that these are line courses and require the use of an SI stick (don't worry the club can lend you one at a very reasonable rate if you don't already own one). If you've never done a Park Tour event give it a go. Be aware we have changed the dates this year - the three qualifiers are on Wednesday afternoons as normal BUT the final is on a Sunday morning. The reason behind this is that the final in past years has nearly become a night event due to the encroaching speed of darkness. Speaking of which the Night Championships is held on the Wednesday night right after the final. This is, to my knowledge, the only night event in NSW still held (I am prepared to be wrong here) so bring a torch and insect repellant and have a night run. Be sure to check out the flyer for the rules.

What else can we expect during the year - Well the organisation of the Bush Series is already steaming ahead. You will have seen the board asking for volunteers for roles at the street events. We can also expect 2 new juniors this year as both the Morris and Jenkins families are expecting new additions (okay, they will be a bit young to run for a while yet). National Orienteering League (NOL) is coming back to Newcastle this year, in the form of mountain biking, so if you have been enjoying the BOSS series why not give this a go?

The State League will be kicking off shortly as well (today is the last day of entry for the first 2 events - sorry about the late notice) in Sydney with 2 Sprints - borrowing from our State League format from last year. Afterwards the league travels around the state monthly visiting a different area each month (barring July).