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The AGM will be held on 8th March at 96 Lakeview St, Speers Point, starting at 7:30pm.

Nominations and expressions of interest are sought for the following positions:

Executive: President, Vice President (2), Secretary, Treasurer - elected

Non-Executive: Newsletter Editor, Results Coordinator, Event Organiser, Mapping Officer, Technical Officer, Club Coach, Gear Steward, Publicity Officer, Website Manager, Association Delegates, Map Printing, Junior Diary Coordinator- appointed by expression of interest

If you wish to give an expression of interest please email the returning officer Shane Jenkins : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (replace the at with @ or click the link) OR mail your signed nomination form to:

Peter Newton,
PO Box 133, Jesmond NSW 2299
49516257 Mobile: 0438516257

Written nominations for comittee positions should be received by the secretary at least 7 days prior to meeting.

If intending to attend the AGM then please advise the secretary by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 7 days prior (for catering purposes).

Brief Job Descriptions of Executive and Non-Executive positions

  • President
    • acts as a leader for NOC
    • coordinate executive responsibilities
    • chair NOC meetings
    • act as liaison between OANSW and NOC in conjunction with NOC Association Club delegates
  • Vice President (2)
    • assist President with above duties, deputising where necessary
  • Secretary
    • Keep minutes of all appointments to office bearers of the committee
    • Note names of committee members present at committee/general/special meetings
    • Keep minutes of such meetings and disseminate to committee members (ideally within 2 weeks)
    • Report correspondence received back to the committee
  • Treasurer
    • Ensure all money paid to the club is collected and deposited into club bank account
    • Make payments as authorised by the committee
    • Maintain a set of records that reflect incomings/outgoings and current bank balance
    • Ensure fee for incorporation is paid annually
  • Newsletter Editor
    • collate Newsletter information
    • disseminate Club Newsletter to individuals as required and to Website Manager for public notification
    • produce Club Newsletter – typically 4x annually
  • Results Coordinator (Bush, Street)
    • collect results from events
    • tabulate results, maintaining an archive
    • report results in required format to Website Manager, OA, OANSW, newspapers, club statistician
    • calculate NOY points, where required
    • provide results to subsequent event (if necessary)
  • Event Organisers (Bush, Street, Park, BOSS)
    • in conjunction with Committee and President, coordinate event calendar in a timely fashion
    • seek Course Planners and Admin Assistance (in conjunction with individual Event/Course Planners)
    • advise on suitability of areas for specific events
    • ensure appropriate permissions are obtained and/or guide Course Planners to do so
      • Street Events – as above
      • Park Events – as above
      • BOSS – as above
  • Mapping Officer
    • acts to ensure up-to-date map information is maintained
    • provides base maps to Course Planners as required
    • works with Technical Officer in relation to changes to be implemented to mapping procedures
  • Technical Officer
    • receives information regarding technical areas of the sport
    • works with relevant people to ensure mapping and administration standards are maintained and are commensurate with OA and OANSW requirements
  • Club Coach
    • provides coaching activities as arranged/required
    • acts as mentor for both individual competitors and for other coaches
  • Publicity Officer
    • acts as liaison with media to publicise NOC events or significant achievements
    • acts as liaison with Event Organisers to publicise major local events
    • acts as liaison with OANSW Promotions Officer to promote events in Hunter area
  • Website Manager
    • maintain club website in such a manner to present an accurate picture of NOC – event notification, results reporting, event reports, Club member information (social events, closing dates, event coordination), photographic record of club events. These elements will be forwarded to Website manager in a timely fashion and are not the responsibility of the Web manager to provide.
  • Association Delegates
    • attend OANSW Association Meetings. These are held 2x annually.
    • seek the stance of the NOC Executive on topics of relevance to NOC presented at Association Meetings.
    • represent the best interests of NOC at OANSW Association Meetings.
    • report to President and Club Meetings (and other relevant Club members if necessary) issues and decisions of importance and relevance discussed at Association Meetings.
  • Map Printing
    • consults with and notifies Course Planners of printing deadlines for events
    • provide printing of materials – as required (and with sufficient notice)
  • Junior Diary Coordinator
    • acts as liaison with (sub)-Juniors and Juniors in encouraging them to maintain a Junior Diary
    • reports information to Junior Diary OANSW contact as required

There are other duties that are carried out by people in an ad hoc fashion eg prizes and trophies, Presentation Night Coordinator which was once a subset of Social Coordinator





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