Well its been a long time coming but the ability to comment on events is now active (currently the current BOSS and Street Series). But theres a catch - to comment you have to be a registered user of the website. Registration is open only to members and associate members of Newcastle Orienteering Club. You are required to request an account - bothersome I know but its an effort to eliminate bots and advertising being posted so we have taken this choice as the best option.

To request an account just click on the website feedback and tell me your Name, email address and the name you wish to be registed under. Once it is confirmed you satisfy the requirements for registration, I'll shoot you an email back with your password and you will be able to use the login feature down the left hand side of the website. Once logged in you will be able to make comments.

Comments can be seen by any visitor and will be moderated so keep them clean and constructive.